CNOtes – January 21, 2020 – Anne Pfeiffer – Big Brothers – Big Sisters

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Phather Phil was not with us this week so David Ladd – our Ohio District Chaplain – delivered one of his patented extemporaneous prayers – enjoyed by all.

Today’s Guests – WELCOME!

Guest Guest Of
Kris Carroll Art Hung
Mike Kistler Dave Kay
Kristen Marks Gary DeMarco
Anne Pfeiffer Speaker
Logan Swafford Speaker
Angie Thompson Gary DeMarco
Mike Vogel David Ladd

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Committee Meetings

2/12/2020, 6 PM, Golf Committee at Buckeye Home Health Care on Paragon Rd. Future 2020 meetings will be 3/18, 4/15, 5/13, 6/17, and 7/8.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami Valley

Jean Pummill introduced from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Miami Valley (BBBS), the CEO Anne Pfeiffer and enrollment specialist, Logan Swafford. Logan is usually the first person who meets a child who is looking for a Big Brother or Big Sister.

BBBS website is

The slide presentation they showed is here.

The flyer they provided is here.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters in New York was started in 1904. They know from data collected from decades of experience that mentoring works. Their mission is “Create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.” Their vision is, “All youth achieve their full potential.”

Mentoring is a cost-effective, data proven intervention to empower, inspire, and lead youth to their optimal physical and emotional health. The data says students with a mentor are 52% more likely to stay in school and 46% more likely to avoid alcohol and drugs.

They Serve

  • Households living at or under the federal poverty level = 83%
  • Single Parent Households = 63%
  • Students Eligible for free or reduced lunch prices = 83%
  • Students with an incarcerated parent = 8%

About BBBS

  • In the Miami valley they serve students at 15 schools and have 3 after school programs
  • The percentages served by age group are: 6-10 = 41%, 11-14 = 46%, 15-18 = 14%.
  • Counties served are Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and Preble
  • 141 new matches were made during 2019

About Littles

  • They enroll ages 6-14
  • All littles and their guardians agree to participate
  • Single parent homes/relatives
  • Low socioeconomical status
  • Struggling in school
  • Low self-esteem
  • History of trauma

They need more mentors

  • 1 in 3 kids are growing up without a mentor
  • Boys wait 2.5 times longer for a mentor than girls
  • Goal is every youth will be matched within 6 months

If you know somebody who might be interested, please share what you have learned today for potential mentors. BBBS offers continuing support for Bigs.

BBBS is Unique

  • One to one meetings are setup between Bigs and Littles
  • 1-year commitment (minimum), expect 4-6 hours per month
  • On-going case management and match support


  • Community Based:, Outings and activities are year-round. See them every other weekend for 2 hours where you eat, walk in a park or some other activity.
  • School Based: Weekly at school during academic year. Meetings once a week for 1 hour at same place.
  • Bigs with Badges: Connecting law enforcement and public safety officials with youth.
  • Trauma-informed care training for mentors and parents.

After a student (little) is matched, the big gets a baseline of their little’s level at school. A common thing is for Bigs to encourage their littles to read and this really works. They come home to their guardians asking for them to read to them.

BBBS collects a lot of data. They need to prove their work is effective. They track each child’s trajectory. There are 3 goals set at the beginning of the mentoring and those are tracked. The weekly activity is not the solution, it is the vehicle to help facilitate the mentoring. It takes time for the littles to get comfortable with their Bigs, then the breakthroughs can happen.


  • 90% report they make better decisions.
  • 93% report their big is important to them.
  • The commitment is 1 year, but the average relationship lasts 36 months.
  • “Griffin and David” from 2004-2016. Griffin’s father left the family. David help with this. Griffin graduated High School. Associates degree. He is a radio board operator at Cox media.

Creating Change

  • $1296 cost per match
  • 31,6810 hours spent with littles
  • 591 hours case management and support
  • Average match length 36 months

They really hope the relationship lasts for over year. After a year the relationships really become strong. The Littles will call their Bigs since they started knowing each other well.

How you can help

  • Share what you have learned today. Kids who need the program typically find BBBS through word of mouth. Often they hear about the program from teachers or church employees.
  • Share the need that they need more big brothers and big sisters.
  • Become a big brother or big sister. 45-50 kids are waiting for a match at any given time. If you are not sure if being a big brother or big siter is right for you, there is an orientation/information meeting you can attend with no commitment.
  • Donate money, their annual Budget is $982,000.
  • Participate in Bowl for Kids’ Sake, which will be held Saturday 3/7/2020, At Poelking Lanes in Kettering
  • Invite them to your business to talk. Contact information is available on the web site

During the question and answer period after their presentation we learned more

  • They do group activities, such as attending a Dayton Dragons game.
  • They try to match siblings at the same time. However, some families have kids that are doing fine or might already be too busy. It is up to the family whether they will try and match all siblings.
  • They do background checks on their big brother and big sister volunteers.
  • There is abuse prevention training of big brothers and big sisters. This helps them know what to do and how to recognize signs of abuse or patterns of behavior in others around kids that might not be appropriate.

Thank you Anne Pfeiffer and Logan Swafford for taking the time to explain BBBS to us today. If you have any questions at all for Anne or Logan you can find phone numbers and emails on their website.

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