CNOtes – March 5, 2019 – David Jablonski – Dayton Daily News Sports

Today’s Guests

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Special Announcement

Donna Huss announced that the next NOW event will by Tuesday, March 26th at St. Leonard’s Station House. This event will be held from 5-6:30 pm for the residents of St. Leonard. NOW is an acronym for “New Optimists Welcome”. Read more about it here.

Upcoming Social Events

4/1/2019, Trivia party run by Scott Hall of @HallAroundTown

5/4/2019, Kentucky Derby Party at Remodeling Designs in Miamisburg

5/11/2019, Dayton Dragons game in a luxury box

Committee Announcements

Scott Langer announced that Tri-Star basketball will be on March 16, 2019 at Watts Middle school.

Jerry Stahley is selling raffle tickets for OI Junior Golf Championship. The price is 6 Tickets for $5 and the prize is a case of wine. Tickets will be available for the next couple of months.

Today’s Speaker – David Jablonski

Debe Dockins introduced today’s speaker David Jablonski.

From Debe:
David Jablonski covers the Dayton Flyers, Ohio State Buckeyes football, the Cincinnati Reds and Wittenberg University sports for the Dayton Daily News, Springfield News-Sun, Journal News and WHIO. He graduated from Fayetteville High School in 1995 and the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 1999. He completed internships at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, the South Bend Tribune and the Scripps Howard News Service and worked at the Vero Beach (Fla.) Press Journal for two years in his first job after college before returning to Ohio in 2001 to work at the News-Sun. He was born in Toledo, Ohio, and grew up in Mount Orab, Ohio.

David is from Mt. Orab, but his parents are from the Dayton area. His grandfather was a dean at UD. He saw many UC games as a teen because his father went there.

He covered local sports in Springfield, Ohio from 2001 -2012. In 2013 he was moved to cover University of Dayton Sports, Cincinnati Reds, and The Ohio State University. His primary focus is the Dayton Flyers.

While watching the game he takes about 1500 photos. His wife is a photographer for the Columbus Dispatch and she taught him enough to do his own photography. He has a special mount on his camera to hold his smartphone that he uses to capture video.

He goes to every single Flyers game, so he has visited multiple east coast cities. He arranges his own travel. He, his wife and their newborn child appreciate not traveling with the team because the team usually travels a day ahead of time. He can be home about 28 hours after leaving his home in Columbus.

He likes covering sports from the field of play. It is a lot more exciting being on the field and he gets to do this with the Flyers, Reds and OSU.

He fielded several questions from people attending lunch.

Thanks for speaking today David Jablonski!


No birthdays this week.

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Barbara Santo March 9 3/9/1999 20

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Tim Bemis Greg Fay Induction
Kyle Bergsman Barbara Santo Induction
Terri Leputa Julie Walling Noeth Induction
Brandon Barrett Jesse Gaither 2nd Reading
Bob Crawford Nick Tarkany 1st Reading
Amy Blakeman Ron Tinnerman 1st Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
John Kalaman Wearing Mardi Gras beads
Tom Novak Vacationing in Florida
Gary Aiken Vacationing in Hawaii
Gail Aiken Vacationing in Hawaii
Candace Rinke Late to meeting
Bill Willliams Leaving door open and freezing the Sergeants
Tim Clemmer Leaving door open and freezing the Sergeants
Scott Langer Late to meeting
Joe Madden Missing too many lunches! Welcome back!

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Joe Madden Happy to be at lunch. Thank you everyone for the support while he was in the hospital.
Mary Madden Happy Joe is at lunch.
Gail Aiken Grandson Born Jan 2, 2019.
Myron Rheaume Grandson Liam Hatton a Freshman on the Springboro HS varsity hockey team named first team all conference and is an Ohio first team hockey academic scholar athlete.
Bob Collins 55th wedding anniversary with Karen Collins!
Tom Kendo Glad Joe Madden was at today’s meeting.
Jay McAlpine Caribbean vacation to celebrate his and Kathy’s 45th wedding anniversary.