CNOtes – April 9, 2019 – Dr. Greg Ramey – Dayton Children’s Hospital

Phather Phil’s Prayer

In Phather Phil’s absence, our District Chaplain – David Ladd – gave us one of his patented extemporaneous prayers to open the meeting.

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Adam Blanchard Speaker Guest
Mason Cammel Mike Bevis
Joe Cantrell Wayne Christie
Kelly Davis Beth Duncan
Jack Grady Mike Bevis
Greg Huff Val Huff
Dr. Greg Ramey Speaker
Amber Wenzler Vince Reidy

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Paula and John Kalaman announced that the annual blood drive in honor of their son John P. Kalaman will be held Monday April 29, 2019, from 9 AM until 5 PM at the Centerville Police Department.

Upcoming Social Events

  • 5/4/2019, Kentucky Derby Party – Miamisburg, bring a dish to share.
  • 5/11/2019, Dayton Dragons with a luxury box. Use the sign-up sheet at lunch or email

Happy Birthday Erin Belangia-Sanchez

Today was Erin’s birthday. That means we sing Happy Birthday to one of our own. Bob Duffy crushed it in leading us in being the best of the worst we can be.

Committee Announcements

Mike Bevis, chair of the golf committee, said we are less than 100 days until the Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Golf Tournament. It will be held on Monday, July 15, 2019.

Pat Behn, chair of the Easter Egg Hunt announced the Easter Egg hunt will be at 10 AM on April 20, 2019, at St. Leonard’s. Volunteers should show up at 8:30 to help spread the eggs in the grass for the kids to find at 10 AM. Coffee and donuts will be provided for volunteers!

Nancy Lehren, chair of the Childhood Cancer Committee announced that the next Build-A-Bear event will be on Friday, May 10th, at Children’s Medical Center. Each child attending will receive a stuffed animal and an outfit of their choice along with other festivities. CNO members are invited to sponsor a child at the Build-a-Bear for $25.  Each sponsor will receive a picture of the child sponsored holding their new stuffed animal.  To sponsor a bear, mail your check payable to Centerville Noon Optimist, c/o Nancy Lehren, 6857 Cedar Cove Dr., Centerville, OH 45459.

Jerry Stahley, chair of the OI Junior Golf Championship, is selling raffle tickets for the event. The price is 6 Tickets for $5 and the prize is a case of wine. Tickets will be available for the next few weeks.

Dr. Greg Ramey

Mike Bevis introduced today’s speaker, Dr. Greg Ramey PhD, a pediatric psychologist and the executive director for the Center for Pediatric Mental Health Resources at Dayton Children’s. He has been at Children’s for 39 years. Dr. Ramey also writes a weekly parenting column in the Dayton Daily News that is distributed through the New York Times wire service and can be found on the Dayton Children’s blog.

Dr. Ramey gave us his thoughts about the effects of too much technology and parenting styles that are dramatically affecting today’s youth. He said of his daily routine, “Everyday there is a WebEx meeting (computer-based video conference call) at 8:45 am about the intake of patients over the last 24 hours. At today’s meeting there were 11 kids seen in the last 24 hours that are at risk for suicide.”

He said, “In general the current generation of children is the most privileged in history.” Yet he explained, “There is a substantial increase in serious mood disorders, anxiety and depression. This has led to an epidemic of kids that would rather die than suffer through these disorders.”

He said, “7.4% of teens attempt suicide. That is over 4000 kids in the local 4 county area.”

He recently moved to the Beavercreek area. He noticed there seemed to be no kids in his neighborhood. Then school started and there were kids everywhere. They just stay indoors and just play with technology. Plus, when it was raining he saw parents holding umbrellas over their kid’s heads. Kid’s are being too coddled and not allowed to fail.

Kids are interacting with technology more than with each other. When tough things happen to them instead of turning to friends, they just go to their phones.

He said, “This is no longer a study, this is a fact, anything beyond one and half and two hours of technology interaction per day increases the occurrence of anxiety and depression. Some kids are at risk at just thirty minutes today.”

As a therapist he has had kids come in and says they wanted to die, “Because my parent took away my phone”. He said, “They don’t have a reality.”

To help patients and their families, Dayton Children’s has a Mental Health Resource Connection. The Mental Health Resource Connection program is a service that connects patients and families to available mental health services in the community.

He was excited to tell us that on July 9, 2019, a new unit for pediatric mental health patients opens at Dayton Children’s. It is a 24-bed private room facility.

He discussed the money issues in treating pediatric mental health patients. He said, “Debbie, my boss has never thanked me for raising so much money. That is because every one of my group’s services loses money.” Health insurance payments are way too low. An insurance company recently paid just 6 cents on the dollar for a huge bill submitted for payment.

He told us we are lucky Dayton Children’s exists for our community. He thanks organizations like the Centerville Noon Optimist club for making a lot of what Dayton Children’s does possible.

He gave us some things to consider about parenting. Too many children are pushed too hard for perfection and believe they need have no choice but to achieve perfection. Perfection is not possible. Constantly trying to reach perfection causes anxiety.

Let your child fail. Let them feel pain. Many of today’s kids have little experience with feeling bad. Their parents get rid of troubling moments for them. When real pain comes they think the suffering will never end. We as normal adults know one thing for sure, no matter how good or bad we feel right now, we know it will end. Children need to know that if they feel bad that this will end, and they will be fine.

Recently he wrote a blog post on Dayton Children’s website called “The important lesson of failure”.

As for the cause of increased mental health issues, he says the number one issue is the current parenting style. The second issue is too much time spent in front of technology screens. When people feel disengaged from other people, that can lead to suicide.


Member Birthday
Cheryl Probst April 9
Erin Belangia-Sanchez April 09
Steve Kohls April 12
Rick Talda April 13
Emily Duke April 14
Don Kessler April 15

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Ron Tinnerman April 11 4/11/2005 14

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Pam Truitt Donna Huss 2nd Reading
Judy McFadden Donna Huss 2nd Reading
Jack Grady Mike Bevis 1st Reading
Kelly Davis Beth Duncan 1st Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Tom Novak Making a “short” joke about new Sergeants Carolyn Taylor and Brian Nolan
Everyone taller than Tom Novak Being taller than Tom Novak
Joe Madden April fools joke on Mary pretending he needed to go to the ER for a burst eardrum
Joe Madden Offering $100 to Vida for her March Madness Bracket that was worth $300.
Andy and Erin Dickerson Their son was a recent guest and he won the 50/50 drawing
Candace Rinke Her picture was in the newspaper without wearing her Optimist pin
Larry Lynde Winning his own March Madness pool

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Bob Glavin Retired from Avery Dennison
Rachel Goetz Daughter is starting Miami University at Oxford this  fall
Tom Novak Thanks to the Avenue of Flags renewal team
Mary Madden March Madness is over
Bob Collins Grandson, Noah Garel a senior at CHS, won the area DECA competition, placed at the Ohio level, and as the only CHS senior to do this he continues to the nationals in Orlando.
Bob Collins Son’s girlfriend (a nurse) has been hired to work in the new mental unit announced today by Dr. Greg Ramey.
Erin Belangia-Sanchez Thanks for everyone singing happy birthday to her today
Stan Fronzaglia Several of his grand kids are on vacation together in Greece
John Kalaman Winning the 50/50 today

Noon Meeting News – January 23, 2018 – Dr. Greg Ramey – Dayton Children’s and Major Gifts Presented to The Library and Park District

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father when we ask our hearts,”how little can I do and remain in Your grace,” we become guilty of lazy sin. This is not different from ” how little can I produce and keep my job.” We should not want to be the big fish
in the little pond all the time. We need to tempt a venture out to deeper waters to build on the purpose we were meant to do with the gift of life you gave us. Grant us the courage to volunteer to do something we have been
hesitant to do because we are afraid of failing. Let us remember that the caterpillar was about to give up when it turned into a butterfly. Life without play is dull, without service it is meaningless. Amen!

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Arnie Biondo Donation Recipient
Adam Blanchard Speaker
June Bosworth Julie Noeth
Ken Carter Donation Recipient
Barbara Denison Donation Recipient
Dana Jackson Robby Johnson
Stephanie Llacuna Speaker’s Guest
Dave Markham Bill DeFries
Nick Meyer Donation Recipient
Jeff Perretta Bill DeFries
Dr. Greg Ramey Speaker
Marianne Requarth Donation Recipient
Kim Senft-Paras Donation Recipient
Jonathan Werts Greg Griffin
Suzanne Werts Greg Griffin

Today’s Speaker

Thank you to all who came to lunch today.

Despite the massive U.S. government shutdown, optimism triumphed and we still had a successful Centerville Noon Optimist meeting. We were even able to overcome not having official 50/50 raffle tickets. A fine for the missing tickets is pretty much guaranteed.

Today’s Speakers

We had multiple speakers and topics today.

Our own Don Kelley discussed the long-range planning committee’s plans for celebrating our club’s 50th anniversary.  The celebration includes the following.

  • Building a float for the Americana Festival parade 7/4/2018
  • An extra special social event to be held in May or June 2018
  • $25,000 donation to the park district
  • $25,000 donation to the library

Library director, Kim Senft-Paras, accepted the check for the Washington-Centerville public library. She explained this donation allowed the library to add back their plans at the new Woodbourne library for an outdoor children’s garden with shade structures. The children’s garden was originally cut due to budget constraints.

Executive director, Arnie Biondo, accepted the check for the Centerville-Washington Park District. He explained this donation will be used to build a new playground area at Forest Field park and include a nature area. It will use the latest materials and designs to make it safer and very accessible for kids with special needs.

Our next speaker was, Dr. Ramey PhD, a pediatric psychologist and the executive director for the Center for Pediatric Mental Health Resources at Dayton Children’s. He has been at Children’s for 38 years.

One in 3 kids has a major mental health problem at some point in their childhood. We need to do more earlier for mental health to help raise kids into adults that are caring and moral. Over the past 25 years there has been a 33% increase in issues caused by the need for perfection as a child. This shows up as anxiety, depression, or suicide attempts. There has been an additional noticeable rise in issues related to Social Media. Social Media should not be demonized, we have to find a way to help children and adults to manage social media experiences because they are not going away. In our area 8.6 percent of kids have attempted or seriously contemplated suicide. We need mental help to be easily accessible. Ramey says Children’s is working on it. Children’s hospital now will have 3 psychologists and 13 psychiatrists to help kids. In a year Children’s will open up a new 24 bed crisis center.  This should eliminate the need for Children’s on a regular basis to find an appropriate facility somewhere in the state to accept children in need.


Member Birthday
Todd Kelchner January 24
Martha Jackson January 25
Dr. Dan Passidomo January 26
Gary Hansen January 28
Scott Langer January 29

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Greg Wasmund January 25 01/25/2007 11
Chris McAlpine January 27 01/27/2009 9
Todd Kelchner January 30 01/30/1992 26

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
June Bosworth Julie Noeth 1st Reading
ke Schwartz Jesse Gaither 1st Reading
Clint Freese Ron Tinnerman 1st Reading
Laurie Westheimer Jesse Gaither 1st Reading
Suzanne Werts Jayne Weikel 1st Reading
Jonathan Werts Jayne Weikel 1st Reading
Brent Richburg Fred Polizzi 1st Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Cherie Gentry Snitching to the Sergeants about Tim Clemmer being absent too often when he was a Sergeant.
Carrie Million Telling her sister Marge Back that she could not find her badge even though it was in the right place.
Greg Griffin Overheard saying, “I am very comfortable with my masculinity.”
Bill DeFries Just now bringing a good friend as a guest that he has known for 20 years.


Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Bill Stone Kelly Stone’s minor ear surgery went well.
Julie Noeth Will have 1st grandchild beginning of July 2018.
Myron Rheaume Thanks everyone in the club for what we do.
Tom Novak Thanks to Mike Brubaker for handling 1800 flag renewals
Jane Fiehrer Son, Evan Fiehrer,  is playing “An Evening of Music for Voice and Guitar” at Trinity Church of Miamisburg at 7:30 PM on 1/26/2018. Details at