CNOtes – July 16, 2019 – Jack Blosser – Fort Ancient

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father the worlds desires are constantly before us. We are
offered everything from A to Z to make us skinnier, prettier, healthier,
happier, smarter and whatever. Too often we succumb to our vanities.
We always think, wouldn’t it be nice if we could put ourselves into a
machine for 10 minutes and come out wrinkle free and two sizes smaller. Thank You for putting Your spirit within each one of us to
combat the urge to give into our vanities. Stay with us Lord as we give
thanks for Our many blessings. Amen!

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Jan Ammer Kettering Noon
Sue Armstrong Kettering Noon
Linda Barton Kettering Noon
Jerry Gebhards Marge Back
Lynn Grubb Erin Dickerson
Sue Labatzky Kettering Noon
Judy Martinson Kettering Noon
Bev McCurdy Kettering Noon
Ashley McGuire Brandon Barrett
Krista Miller Kettering Noon
Christy Montavon Kettering Noon
Dottie Spatz Kettering Noon
Fred Swaisgood Myron Rheaume
Karen Waitzman Kettering Noon
Missy Mae Walters Kettering Noon

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Member Birthday
Sue Brubaker July 16
Mark Petre July 18
Bob Burkman July 19

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Bob Bargmeyer July 17 7/17/2014 5
Jeff Papanek July 17 7/17/2014 5
Tom Beery July 17 7/17/2014 5
Casey Wyckoff July 18 7/18/2018 1
Mike Brem July 18 7/18/2018 1
Sue Jessee July 18 7/18/2018 1
Laura Franklin July 19 7/19/2017 2
Stephen Mock July 19 7/19/1996 23
Tom Lakes July 19 7/19/2017 2
Marge Back July 20 7/20/2016 3

Special Announcement

Donna Huss awarded the “Flippin’ Awesome Award” to Andy and Erin Dickerson for securing grant money for fishing rods. They are working on some other grants as well.

Upcoming Social Events

  • 8/10/2019 – 5:30 PM, Saturday, Cookout, Outdoor games, Monte Carlo Night at Lion’s Club, Bellbrook
  • 9/24/2019 – 6 PM, Tuesday, Presidential Installation Dinner at the Presidential Banquet Center
  • 10/xx/2019, ALL DAY, Keeneland Horse Racing, there will be a chartered bus. Date to be determined.
  • 11/8/2019 – 6:30 PM?, Friday, Euchre party at TBD
  • 12/10/2019 – 6 PM, Tuesday, Holiday Party at Yankee Trace

Committee Announcements

Bob Lawson announced he needs several more volunteers to help on August 3, 2019 with our booth at the Optimist Kids Day in the Park in Kettering.

Mike Bevis, chair of the Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Golf Tournament, thanked everyone who volunteered, golfed, sponsored or helped in any way to make this year’s event a great success.

Charlie Tapp announced that the annual golf outing to celebrate Phil Robinson’s (“Phather Phil”) birthday will be right after our lunch on 7/30/2019. Anyone is welcome to join. There will be nine holes of golf and immediately following there will be ice cream and cake. If you don’t golf you can still come and celebrate his birthday afterwards with the ice cream and cake.

Myron Rheaume announced that the Great Ohio Optimist District Convention will be August 15-17, 2019. He encourages all of us to sign up. Our club covers your fees to attend. If you can only come one day, the best day is Saturday, August 17. Please support the incoming governor (Myron Rheaume) by attending.

Fort Ancient Presentation

Bill Williams introduced today’s speaker, Jack Blosser, the site manager at Fort Ancient State Memorial.

Fort Ancient is Ohio’s first State Park. The mission of the Dayton Society of Natural History at Fort Ancient is to provide visitor and educational services focused on archaeology, Native American culture, and heritage stewardship as they relate to the site, on behalf of the Ohio History Connection.

The walls and mounds of Fort Ancient were built 2000 years ago by dumping baskets loaded with soil upon one another. There are 553,000 cubic yards of soil. This soil would fill enough dump trucks to stretch 200 miles.

There is an ongoing 11 year effort by a group named World Heritage Ohio to have Fort Ancient designated as a World Heritage site. The hope is to have the designation by 2021. There are currently 1121 sites on the list.

Quick Facts Jack mentioned during his presentation

  • In A.D 500 the site was abandoned. Another group came in 800 A.D. and left.
  • The name comes from the assumption that whoever built it was ancient.
  • There are individual mounds and none of the mounds are burials plots.
  • 4 mounds were placed in a perfect square with dips in the mounds to create a calendar system.
  • Since it was built there has been an erosion of 2-3 feet of soil along the walls.
  • An African American group built picnic areas over 2.5 years.
  • There is a 9000 square foot museum.
  • About 5000 school children come through the park each year. They are taught to throw spears among other things.
  • 183 Eagle projects have been completed at the site.
  • Many Boy Scouts troops perform community service at the site to pay for their camping.

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Michelle Tagliamonte Mike Bevis Induction
Dylan Melling Paul Stull 3rd Reading
Bill Duffy Carolyn Taylor 3rd Reading
Yvette Donahue-Duffy Carolyn Taylor 3rd Reading
Kathy Linder Sue Brubaker 3rd Reading
Martin Huffstutler Jesse Gaither 2nd Reading
Tom Brozich Mike Bevis 2nd Reading
Chris Smith Greg Griffin 2nd Reading
Marilyn Abbott Greg Griffin 2nd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
John Horner Needed change for a twenty to buy 50/50 tickets
Dylan Melling First time wearing his name badge
Mike Bevis Wearing the same colors as his new inductee Michelle Tagliamonte
Michelle Tagliamonte Wearing the same colors as her sponsor Mike Bevis
Dave Kay Earned a Get Out of Fine Free Coupon for pointing out that Art was REALLY late
Dave Kay Not divulging this Anti-Optimistic information sooner to the Sergeants
Art Hung Late to meeting
Tom Novak Because the sergeant was confused by his name watching Novak Djokovic play tennis
Donna Huss and Greg Griffin Taking a break in the bar at the golf outing

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Dan Beck Twin grandchildren were just born
Bob Collins Thanks to those who participated in “Dining in the Dark” – it helped raise money and awareness about the blind
Bob Collins Thanks to everyone who helped him raise $1700 through his participation in “Riding to Fight Kids’ Cancer”
John Horner Doing well after recent surgery
Dylan Melling He and his wife Ashlee welcomed their new baby Sophia 6 weeks early – she will be in the NICU for a few weeks and she is being well taken care of
Paul Stull Happy that Dylan Melling’s new baby and wife Ashlee are all doing well after the early delivery
Debe Dockins Son Stephen Dockins has been accepted at OU Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Brandon Barrett Pat Behn gave him an umbrella to ues at the golf outing to protect him from the sun when she learned he was already sunburnt
Scott Langer Son is engaged
Myron Rheaume $5 for the several guests today from the Kettering Noon Optimist club