Noon Meeting News – January 2, 2018 – Judge Erik Blaine

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father it’s a brand new year. Help us make it another year to remember. As Optimist we are blessed with the perfect game plan. We recite it every week – The Optimist Creed. The thoughts behind the words are beautiful, but if not taken to heart, remain just words. Grant us the commitment to live our lives according to the precepts of our Creed and realize that out there we could be the only bible someone reads. Remove our unfounded prejudices and let us walk thru the coming year to the beat of a better drummer. With Your help Lord we can get er done. Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Judge Erik Blaine Speaker
Kate Bowling Jim Long
Jill Cordonnier Joan Cordonnier
Becca Dryden Kelly Stone
Gresham Dryden Kelly Stone
Kenny Henning Speaker Guest
Beth McAlpine Chris McAlpine
Chase McAlpine Jay McAlpine
Katie McAlpine Jay McAlpine
Lily McAlpine Jay McAlpine

Today’s Speaker

The speaker today was the honorable Judge Erik Blaine. He is a part of a group of volunteer lawyers that provides “Wills for Heroes” and “Wills for Veterans”. Members of both of these groups often do not have the means to provide proper estate planning for their families. Since his involvement which began in 2008, over 1250 first responders (including police, firefighters, EMTs) and veterans have been helped. Additionally, he puts on programs at schools for 5th-12th graders to help them to understand the issues surrounding cyber-bullying and sexting. He uses and asks others involved in the law to use optimism in their approach to how the law is interpreted and applied. An example would be a first time offender of cyber bullying not always getting criminally convicted, but instead getting help. Judge Blaine also discussed the opioid crisis. He wants us all to make sure we openly discuss the issue to remove stigma and to guide those who need help towards that help. All of the programs he helps with need our help in spreading the word that they exist. He also reminds us that jury duty is one of the most important civic duties in which we can participate.


Member Birthday
Rafael Santillan January 01
Sonny Singhvi January 01
Joseph Madden January 03
Ted Humphrey January 07
Laura Caschera January 08

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
James Rumford January 1 01/01/1990 28
Paul Stull January 1 01/01/1970 48 (Wow!)
Bob Duffy January 1 01/01/1988 30
Will Cale January 1 01/01/1976 42
John Carroll January 3 01/03/2012 6
Greg McAfee January 7 01/07/2008 10
John Speers January 7 01/07/2008 10

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Cindy Gaboury Jean Pummill Induction

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Chris McAlpine Forgetting name badge, starting meeting late, not teaching daughter good financial practices (would not sell bell and gavel)
Bob Burkman Littering at the Holiday Party when giving speech for Christian Lawson Award
Bill Stone Stealing Santa’s bell at the Holiday Party
Cindy Gaboury Missing Forte singing Happy Birthday to her at the Holiday Party
Beth Duncan Destroying Optimist property (old name tag with previous name)
Scott Langer Late
Stan Fronzaglia Cell phone going off during speaker
Charlie Tapp Lost his cell phone
Christine Balsan Buying a Christmas Tree at a lot other than Optimist lot
Each table Fined for people who did not come due to cold weather

Happy Bucks!

Member Name Reason
Bob Burkman 55th Wedding Anniversary
Chris McAlpine 10th Wedding Anniversary
Gary Smiga Praised Lily McAlpine for not selling the bell and gavel to the bad guys.
Kelly Stone Grandbaby number 7 is on the way.
Jean Pummill Excited that Cindy Gaboury has been inducted into CNO again.