CNOtes – October 1, 2019 – Club Day

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father practicing is an important part of life. It is in every aspect of our life. A goal towards perfection may never be attained but what we do, can be made better by practicing. All our efforts, physical, mental or whatever requires practice. I read that two minutes of laughing is equal to twenty minuets of jogging. So now I sit on the park bench and laugh at all the joggers. Thanks for having us practice Lord, and I pray everyone will enjoy laughing instead of jogging Amen!

Today’s Guests – WELCOME!

Guest Guest Of
Karrie Coggeshall Judy DeMarco
Tammie Ellerbe Marge Back
Ian Galbraith Pat Arehart
Andy Higgins Mike Brubaker
Dawayne Kirkman Debe Dockins
Marcia Tarkany Nick Tarkany

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Welcome to the New 2019-2020 Optimist Year

Today was Greg Griffin’s first meeting as president of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club. He showed us a two minute video posted today on YouTube called, “Happy New Optimist Year from International President Adrian Elcock”.

The meeting felt alive today. Great job Greg!

Upcoming Community Events

10/15/2019 and 10/16/2019 – Haunted Trail at Forest Field Park.

Upcoming Social Events

  • 10/10/2019 – ALL DAY, Keeneland Horse Racing, there will be a chartered bus
  • 11/8/2019 – 6 PM, Friday, Euchre party at TBD
  • 12/10/2019 – 6 PM, Tuesday, Holiday Party at Yankee Trace

Club Day

Greg Griffin said that once a month during his term will be “Club Day”. Instead of a normal speaker the meeting will concentrate on internal club activities and information.

Greg said that if you add up the years of service from current members of CNO you get 3,034 years!

Myron Rheaume, long term CNO member and the Governor of the Great Ohio District of Optimist International briefly spoke to us about his slogan, “iMagine the Power of YOU!”. Our club members use imagination and the power of you. The power of you individually and collectively enables our club to do all the good that it does for the youth of our community.

Happy Birthday Roy Barclay

Today is Roy Barclay’s birthday. Charlie Tapp led us in an outstandingly awful rendition of Happy Birthday. We really need to bring some earplugs to our meetings.

Shoe Donation Opportunity

Judy DeMarco introduced Karrie Coggeshall, a local Girl Scout leader. She is looking for donations of shoes to help offset the cost of being a member of Girl Scouts, Daisies and Brownies. If they collect at least 2500 pairs of shoes, her troop will receive funds from which is a leading shoe drive fundraising social enterprise in the U.S. Donations will help others and her troop at the same time.

Here is a copy of the flyer Karrie had on the tables at lunch. The fundraiser ends October 31, 2019.

Reading of the New Sergeant’s Disclaimer

The members serving as Sergeant at Arms for the quarter starting 10/1/2019 are Brandon Barrett and Donna Huss. The sergeants handed out numerous fines during today’s lunch and it was hilarious.

At the start of each quarter of the year a new pair of Sergeant’s at Arms come to power. Well this pair of sergeants is apparently paranoid about the shenanigans they will report on. They have a written disclaimer. To make sure we all knew about it, they had Kettering Municipal Court Judge and CNO member Jim Long read the disclaimer to the crowd at today’s lunch.

What follows is the complete disclaimer as read by Judge Long:


The Sergeants shall not be held liable for inaccurate, insensitive, defaming, or profane statements.

The Sergeants assume no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions or incorrect opinions contained in the information supplied to the Sergeants by other Club members.

Furthermore, the Sergeants assume no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any information which is offered to the Sergeants by other Club members.

Responsibility for the truth or accuracy of the information given to the Sergeants lies solely with the “SNITCH” who ratted you out to the Sergeants.

No money exchanged hands, except for the fined party making restitution by offering a dollar.

Statements made by the Sergeants are probably fictional – but on rare occasions something a Sergeant says might be true.  In either case, the Statements are in no way intended to do harm to the reputation of any fellow Club member.

Finally, the Sergeants are not responsible for any misinterpretation of the information offered to support a fine — which may differ from the meaning the Sergeant intended.

The information contained in this disclaimer is provided res ipsa loquitur, caveat emptor, de minimis non curat lex and pro se.

There is no guarantee of accuracy or even of usefulness …

Well, there is one guarantee:  All fine money paid to the Sergeants will be used to support the good work of Optimist International.


Next Week’s Speaker

Montgomery County Prosecuting attorney Matt Heck will be next week’s guest speaker.

CNO Donations 2013 through June 2019

Click this link to see a summary of the donations our club has made.

Over 50 years, we have donated close to $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $700,000.


Member Birthday
Mike Fanelli October 01
Roy Barclay October 01
Chris Smith October 3
Tom Brozich October 3
Jack Grady October 6
Jane Orr October 6
Rachel Selby October 07

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Karl Frydryk October 1 10/1/1988 31
Ken Irwin October 2 10/2/2012 7
Larry Larrimer October 2 10/2/2012 7
Rick Kempfer October 2 10/2/2012 7
Christy Gariety October 3 10/3/2011 8
Cristlyn Johnston October 4 10/4/2010 9
Valorie Huff October 7 10/7/2004 15

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
JC Jones Mike Bevis Induction
Carol Smerz Wendy Hattan Induction
Louise Haun Mike Bevis First Reading
Andy Higgins Mike Brubaker First Reading
Dawayne Kirkman Debe Dockins Second Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Brian Nolan Failure to portray a tall, dark and extremely handsome image as most models do. Do you not use By the Blade for your haircuts?
Pat Behn Mixing up gifts at the installation dinner.
Gary Smiga Not arriving early to the installation dinner with the credit card machine.
Gary Smiga Being pictured for SICSA with a “Pooper Scooper” when you were supposed to be breaking ground.
Gary Smiga Being pictured with the Dayton Food Bank where the caption read “Rotary Club”.
Roland Rapp Failure to remind Gary Smiga to get to the installation dinner early with the credit card machine.
Greg Griffin No gift for outgoing president’s husband.
Greg Griffin Forgetting to bring the “big” check to the installation dinner for the photo opportunity with Hannah’s Treasure Chest.
Myron Rheaume Advising Wendy Hattan to stick a pin through her name badge.
Wendy Hattan Defacing her name badge per Myron’s advice. Back of her badge won’t scan now.
Tom Novak Playing the senior citizen card to steal the piece of pie he wanted from Brandon Barrett at the installation dinner.
Beth Duncan For not attending installation dinner while chair of the Social Committee.
Paula Kalaman Because John Kalaman was walking with a cane.
John Kalaman For thinking you were the boss at home.
Rick Altvater Showed up for lunch last week when it was cancelled because the installation dinner was that evening.

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Joan Cordonnier Worried that she sells running shoes and Phather Phil has given people holy reasons to laugh instead of run.
Myron Rheaume $3, $1 each for today being his First Day of Governor, in 365 days he will be the past governor, and for being cancer free for 23 years. He said, “get a colonoscopy!”
Jesse Gaither For being able to attend today’s meeting after having to miss several weeks while healing.
Brian Nolan Jesse Gaither attended meeting after absence.
Kelly George She is going to be District Chair of the essay contest. She needs someone to take over for the CNO essay contest.
Carolyn Taylor $10 for Jessie Gaither being at today’s meeting and for Sue Armstrong’s hospitality at Kettering Noon Optimist bingo fundraiser last Saturday that allowed her to win $10 by swapping cards.
Liz Fultz $6, $1 each for Diane Arehart, Patrick Arehart, Gary Smiga, Jesse Lightle, Craig Dring and David Ladd for going to the recent town hall meeting at Woodbourne library supporting Liz to be the new library director. She and two other candidates each gave slide presentations with commentary on why they would be the best candidate.
Julie Noeth To JC Jones, a new member who agreed to be the new CNO photographer.
Guest, Karrie Coggeshall  Appreciated being able to present information about her shoe fundraiser for Girl Scouts.
Beth Duncan Thanks for choosing her as Optimist of the Year.
Beth Duncan Diane Arehart and the rest of the Social Committee for putting on a great installation dinner when Beth was out of town.