CNOtes – Optimist 2.0 October 17, 2019 – Pastor Tony Miltenberger – Heavier Than Air Brewing Company

Guests and Members in Attendance

Hailey Clark
Abby Davis
Andy Higgins
Wayne Kledzik
Tony Miltenberger
Lacy Owens
Stewart Ross
Natalie Salyer
Pam Smiga
Gail Aiken
Jack Anderson
Diane Arehart
Patrick Arehart
Brandon Barrett
Katie Calloway
Mike Cordonnier
Kelly Davis
Gary DeMarco
Judy DeMarco
Cheryl Dowd
Emily Duke
Beth Duncan
Greg Fay
Stan Fronzaglia
Jesse Gaither
Greg Griffin
Cindy Harris
Mark Karns
Bryan Miller
Brian Nolan
Tom Novak
Jean Pummill
Jack Quinlan
Ruthy Quinlan
Vince Reidy
Brent Richburg
Ashley Simeone
Gary Smiga
Nick Tarkany

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CNO 2.0 Venue and Details

The venue for tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting was Heavier than Air Brewing Company. Thank you to CNO Member Nick Tarkany and his team for allowing us to take over their bar tonight.

There was a 50/50 drawing won by Joan Cordonnier. She donated her winnings to the First Dawn Food Pantry.

There were 39 people at the meeting (30 members and 9 guests).

CNO 2.0 Introduction

Greg Fay, the chair of CNO 2.0, said he was so thankful for all the guests and members that came to tonight’s meeting.

He mentioned that he remembers his first CNO lunch 6 years ago. By the end of the lunch he knew he was at home. He said, “Wow everyone was having a great time!” He couldn’t wait to be part of the group.

Greg Fay said that CNO 2.0 is a club within a club of the Centerville Noon Optimist club. CNO (and CNO 2.0) is a world class service organization. Being a member of either club allows their members all the same opportunities to participate in fundraising and club activities. CNO 2.0 was created nearly 3 years ago and is very much a part of the 51-year-old Centerville Noon Optimist Club. CNO has given away over $2 million during its history. CNO is a group of like-minded members that are passionate about helping youth and having fun in the process.

The speaker at each 2.0 meeting is someone with a local business success story.

Annual Fundraisers

  • Christmas Tree Lot
  • Avenue of Flags
  • Golf Outing

Major Activities for the youth in our community

  • Build-a-Bear at Children’s Hospital, 3 times a year
  • Fishing Derby in June
  • Kid’s day in the park in August
  • Easter Egg hunt

Avenue of Flags Needs Your Help

Tom Novak, the chair of The Avenue of Flags, told the group about one of our major fundraisers. For Veterans day, there are 65 teams to deliver 2400 flags. If you can help it would be great. They are very short of volunteers that have a flag compatible truck or van. If you have one of those and can help that would be fantastic. Contact Tom Novak if you can help.

Avenue of Flags deliveries for Veteran’s day will be on 11/7/2019, 4 PM, 11/8/2019, 10 AM to 1 PM, 11/9/2019, 10 AM. Flag retrieval will be 11/12/2019 10:30 AM to 6 PM.

Haunted Trail Recap

Gail Aiken, the chair of the Haunted Trail event, thanked everyone who helped. She also thanked Arnie Biondo, the Director of the Centerville-Washington Park District, who was at tonight’s meeting. The park district created new gravel paths that were wonderful. Arnie said the real thanks goes to his team at the Park District.

1275 people went through the trail over two nights.

There were 15 fright stations. Students from area middle schools and high schools manned the stations. There were parent chaperones at each station.

On the second night 20 members from the CHS Octagon club volunteered. The Octagon club is the High School Optimist club that CNO sponsors. Gail was happy that they were able to help as she was short on volunteers.

President’s Notes

Greg Griffin, the president of CNO, said we have 307 members and are the largest and best Optimist Club in the World. Our club within a club of CNO 2.0 is seen as the future of service clubs.

He said that the Christmas Tree Lot fundraiser is fast approaching. Every CNO and CNO 2.0 member will be assigned to a team and scheduled to work. We need a lot of help for this fundraiser, so please show up.

Remember that every member of CNO, whether from the Lunch club, CNO 2.0 or the St Leonard club is invited to every community event, volunteer activity, or social event. This includes the holiday party that will be on December 10, 2019.

Lastly, he said, “What can we do with this club, are we thinking big enough?” Invite people to be guests at a CNO Lunch or at a CNO 2.0 meeting. He said, “Let’s grow this club into all that it can be.”

Community Event

  • 11/14/2019, Build-A-Bear for Oncology patients will be at Children’s Hospital. More volunteers are always welcome. Contact Nancy Lehren, the chair of Child Health and Wellness.

Social Events

  • 11/8/2019 – 6 PM, Friday, Euchre party at the community building of Wentworth Village in Bellbrook off 725. Food and drinks will be provided. Cost is $10.
  • 12/10/2019 – 6 PM, Tuesday, Holiday Party at Yankee Trace

Pastor Tony Miltenberger

Greg Fay introduced tonight’s speaker, Pastor Tony Miltenberger. Tony is the head pastor at Restoration Church in Centerville, 63 E. Franklin St in Centerville. He is a 16-year army veteran.

Tony, along with coauthor Charles Causey, published a book in 2014 called, UnBreakable, Forging a Marriage of Contentment and Delight. Their approach has already helped hundreds of military couples who live in perhaps the most challenging marriage context today.

Tony has a blog and podcast, “The Reclamation Podcast is designed to help busy people find good practices of life and faith. Through this interview format we will unpack what other people are doing to stay in healthy relationships with others and with God.”

Tony started by thanking the CNO and Park District hosted Haunted Trail for donating 1300 canned goods to the First Dawn Food Pantry. There is no charge for people to go through the Haunted Trail, but everyone is asked to please donate a canned good, and it was a huge success.

The First Dawn Food Pantry is in Restoration Church. It helps 300 families each month, most of who live in the 45458 and 45459 zip codes. CNO supports this food pantry. He said that the kid’s area is possible because of donations CNO has made. It is a place for kids to be occupied while parents are obtaining the food they need to get through the month. Many families are well off enough to live in our area, but only if everything goes perfect. Unexpected expenses like a water heater needing replaced will disrupt their budget.

The panty is a “Family Choice” pantry. Clients may visit once a month on Thursday evening from 6-7:30pm inside Restoration Church.

At Restoration Church, First Dawn hosts a free community meal on the third Thursday of the month from 6 to 7:30 PM.

Tony’s next topic was relationships. He had to learn how to have good relationships because he is naturally messed up.

Tony married in 2003. In 2004 he got a call while he was at Cedar Point. He was young and ranked as Army Specialist (E-4), which means he knows nothing. His commanding officer called him to say he had been cross leveled and would now be going overseas.

In 2004 and 2005 he ministered to hundreds of soldiers. Every soldier that died came to their base. They prayed over all of them before being sent to Germany.

During his tour he was granted a 2 week leave of absence to come back and spend time with his wife. After returning to duty with 4 months of his tour left, his wife told him they were going to have a baby.

After finishing his deployment, he didn’t know what to do. While on duty he always knew what he needed to do. The world was different as he expected, but not in the way expected. He was not adjusting well.

He remembers the incident when he lost it. His wife asked him to take out the trash. Something snapped. After he calmed down some, he went to his wife and knelt and cried. He said, “I think I need to go back into the service.”

His wife grabbed him by the cheeks and said, “No you aren’t. You better figure out. You have a son who is coming, and he needs his dad.”

We all have expectations. Tony said an expectation is, “An implicit social contract. Something you believe will happen whether the other person knows it or not.” What he learned was that failed expectations leads to bitterness and disappointment. There are stated and unstated expectations.

Everyone has expectations. You, your spouse and your children.

If you can learn to communicate your expectations, you can remove bitterness and disappointment in the relationships. The challenge is to look at your expectations, see why you are fighting and ask for help.

Thank you, Tony Miltenberger, for taking the time to come and speak to us today. We appreciate what we learned, and we appreciate what you and your team are doing for our community.


Tickets to the Musical Comedy “First Date” at Centerville High School

Mike Cordonnier, CNO member and technical theater instructor at CHS, brought 4 tickets to tonight’s meeting. The musical comedy “First Date” performances will be on November 7, 8, 15, 16 at 7:30 PM. Mike said it is a happy, upbeat show. The winner of the free tickets was Cindy Harris. There are still tickets available for purchase.

CNO Donations 2013 through June 2019

Click this link to see a summary of the donations our club has made.

Over 50 years, we have donated close to $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $700,000.