CNOtes – May 5, 2020 – Rose Marie Ward – Miami University

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NOTE: The actual meeting starts at 26:30 – if you enjoy watching the socializing and member banter, I left it in – some of it is pretty fumy!


In keeping with social distancing requirements – our CNO Meetings have transitioned temporarily to a online format using ZOOM.

Club Member Joe Madden was inspire to rewrite The Optimist Creed – so we give you now – The Corona Creed -with apologies to Christian D. Larson, Author of The Optimist Creed.

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Laura Thimons Debe Dockins

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Laura Thimons Debe Dockins First Reading

Zoom Meeting This Week

Yankee Trace is still closed. We had another meeting using Zoom. We will continue our weekly meetings via computer, cell phone or tablet for at least the next several weeks. Please join us and keep inviting guests.

Social Events

5/21/2020, 4:30 PM, Thursday, Trivia Contest via Zoom video conferencing.

2020-2021 Officers and Board of Directors Nominations

The nomination committee of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club, comprised of past presidents, the current president and incoming president have nominated the following people for Optimist Year 2020-2021:

  • President Elect, Gary Hansen
  • Vice Presidents, Beth Duncan and Bill Williams
  • Board of Directors nominated for 2-year terms are Christine Balsan, Pat Behn, Bob Glavin, Jim Long, and Brian Nolan
  • Board Members with a year left to serve are Amy Barker, Denise O’Neil, Vince Reidy, Carolyn Taylor, and Greg Wasmund
  • Debe Dockins is the president for 2020-2021 and she has chosen Nancy Lehren as her past president representative. Greg Griffin will serve as the Immediate Past President.
  • The incoming president chooses the Treasurer and Secretary. Debe Dockins has selected Roland Rapp for Treasurer and Jean Pummill for Secretary. They are both currently serving in those positions.

The terms begin on 10/1/2020.

If anyone would like to nominate themselves for a position let Jean Pummill know. If there are additional nominations, then CNO will hold an election.

Christine Balsan, nominated to be a board member, spoke to us. She has been a member of CNO since 2013. She thanked Debe Dockins and the nomination board for nominating her. She is looking forward to being on the board and serving CNO and doing everything she can to help the club reach its full potential.

Pat Behn, nominated to be a board member, spoke to us. She has been a member of CNO since 2003. She has served on the board of directors in the past and is honored to have the opportunity to serve on the board again. She is currently a Lt Governor for the Great Ohio District of Optimist International.


Tom Novak, Avenue of Flags, announced the flags will be delivered May 20-21, 2020.

Kelly Stone, JOI club advisor, has asked area JOI clubs for reports from the advisors. The UD club president is moving out of UD housing this week and has turned everything over to McKenzie. Officers have been chosen for the next year.

Nancy Lehren, Health and Wellness committee, announced that CNO will be restocking the “shot box” at Dayton Children’s soon. CNO is also taking food to nurses.

Mike Bevis, chair golf committee, had great news. He said that since the golf outing has been delayed to September 28, 2020, the committee called about 10 event sponsors about returning their sponsorship money. All of them believe in what CNO does and said to keep the money. They said they will still donate the money even if the event is cancelled.

Rose Marie Ward, Miami University

Mike Bevis introduced Rose Marie Ward. She is a Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Miami University. She has a PHD in Kinesiology and Health from the University of Rhode Island.

From her page on

Dr. Ward’s research interests are in the area of college student health, with a focus on both addictive/harmful behaviors (alcohol use, disordered eating, unsafe and unwanted sexual behavior) and prosocial activities (women’s leadership, life satisfaction, scholastic achievement, exercise, and athleticism). She is currently serving as the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. She actively supports and engages students in the research process and brings students to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

At Miami University she teaches EHS 668 Behavioral Statistics II, KNH 125 Introduction to Public Health, KNH 329 Health Psychology and KNH 621 Research Methods.

Her slide deck was titled, “Drunk, Drunker, and Drunkest: Recent Trends and Insights on College Students and Alcohol.” A copy of the deck is here.

Information about Drinking in the U.S.

Binge Drinking is defined as having 5 or more drinks in 2 hours or less time for men and 4 drinks for women. Heavy drinking is having had 5 or more binge days in the past 30 days.

In the U.S, $223.5 billion ($1.90/drink) is spent annually on drinks, which are empty calories.

In the slide deck is a slide listing numerous effects that alcohol abuse may have on the human body’s systems. The list includes addiction, anxiety and Cirrhosis.

Motives for people to drink (Cooper, 1994) include Social, Coping (stress), Enhancement (celebrating an event) and Conformity (Peer Pressure).

There is a new trendy category of “Hard Seltzers”, with their colorful containers, people are drinking to conform because of the popularity. They are called beer, but they really are just fermented sugar drinks.

With the stay at home orders many more people are drinking every day. Some people have panicked that they might run out of alcohol and are purchasing more than usual. This hoarding behavior is something not normally seen.

Recently, the percentage of those 55 and up drinking regularly has been increasing faster than other age groups.

Miami University is Known to be a Party School

Some of the off-campus houses rented to Miami University students are named based on alcohol. Example house names include “Absolut Angels”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Wine Down” and “Rendebooze”. These names are even in the contracts the students sign.

Rose Marie offers, and many students accept, breathalyzer tests while they are drinking in the Oxford bar district. Numerous students’ tests show extreme levels of alcohol and yet they can sound normal. They have built up a tolerance which can lead to higher levels of drinking. Our society has us think it is good to be able to hold our liquor. Parents will also ask for these tests.

Which days do students most commonly consume alcohol? Some students drink every day. Most are drinking on Friday and Saturday. Another group drink on Thursday as well as Friday and Saturday. The Thursday drinkers often choose classes on Fridays that are easier or taken pass/fail.

Miami University Annual Student Health Survey

  • 87% have had alcohol in their life
  • 30% of college students do not drink at all during their 4 years
  • On average students drink 1.5 to 2 days per week
  • In Season athletes drink almost nothing, but they drink more than the average in the off season
  • Students in Sororities and Fraternities drink 2-3 days per week
  • Freshman students are drinking less
  • Miami University students drink 5-6 drinks on an occasion which is higher than the national average of 3-4 drinks for college age people

There are two types of being blackout drunk

Alcohol-Induced blackouts or episodes of amnesia are periods when a person can participate in salient, emotionally charged events (as well as more mundane events) that they can no longer remember. (Goodwin, 1995). Statistics show that 50% of students have experienced blackouts in the past year.

With an “En Bloc” blackout, the subject is unable to recall any details from an event that occurred while they were intoxicated.

With a “Fragmentary Blackout”, subjects have a partial blocking of the formation of memories.

Instead of orally consuming alcohol some people have started getting their alcohol through more dangerous methods with less automatic body control. Some consume alcohol through inhalation which some refer to as a vaportini. A vaportini involves heating alcohol and inhaling the vapors. Talk shows have had demonstrations of inhaling a vaportini. Some are snorting dried alcohol. These alternative methods of putting alcohol in a body are hard on your lungs. The body with alcohol ingested orally has a natural ability to reverse the process if a person consumes too much too quickly, but this is not the case with alcohol in the lungs. People are at a much higher risk of an alcohol overdose when inhaling and snorting alcohol as the body cannot get rid of the excess before it is dangerous.

Questions and Answers

Q: When is someone addicted to alcohol?

A: An addict is a person that needs more and more alcohol to get the same effects. People that are addicted will suffer withdrawal symptoms when they do not consume alcohol.

Q: Are there differences in the effects of alcohol from wine, beer, or liquor?

A: Most agree that there really is no difference. There are different amounts of alcohol in all the types which can make you think the effects are different. Many believe that fermented sugar drinks with their artificial sweeteners probably cause some additional effect.

Q: What about students mixing energy drinks and alcohol?

A:  This is happening. People are wide awake while drunk. There are even products that have alcohol and caffeine premixed. This is not good, but it is not completely new. This behavior has been popular in the past when people would mix alcohol with caffeinated soda.

Q: What about Marijuana use at Miami University?

A: About 35% of students use Marijuana and some are using alcohol and marijuana at the same time.

Thank you, Rose Marie Ward, for speaking to us today!

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Over 50 years, we have donated close to $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $700,000.


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Nancy Lehren New grandson was just born, this is her 9th grandchild.
Tom Novak Bob Bargmeyer has reported 100% of the flag subscribers on his route have renewed their subscriptions.
Debe Dockins District Oratorical was last Saturday, there were several really good speakers. The winner from the Van Wert club will do really well representing the Great Ohio District nationally.