CNO 2.0 Meeting Recap 9/16/21: The story of professional DJ, DJ Dors E

CNO 2.0 Venue and Details

The venue for tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting was Tuscany’s Italian Restaurant located at 881 E. Franklin St, Centerville, OH. Thank you to the owners and their fine team for the great food and the space to have our meeting.


  • Denise O’Neil announced that the Haunted Trail Committee needs several volunteers to work as guides for the Haunted Trail community event. She also needs old white sheets and old dolls.
  • Debe Dockins announced that the tree lot will be open on November 26, 2021. Greg Griffin is looking for 3 volunteers to replace 3 tree lot captains stepping down this year.
  • Debe Dockins announced that the next CNO 2.0 meeting will be 10/21/2021 at 5:30 PM at Bock Family Brewing. The speaker will be Eric Horstman, founder and president of Flying to the Hoop.

Social Event

  • 10/10/2021 at 2 PM there will be a group Corn Maze outing. Valuable prizes will be awarded for the team that finishes the maze puzzle first. Afterwards the group will go to dinner together at Bennet’s Publical Family Sports Grill in Miamisburg.

Community Events                                

  • 10/12/2021 and 10/13/2021, the Haunted Trail event will be held at Countryside Park behind the RecPlex.
  • 10/8/2021, 6 PM, Tri-Star Soccer will be held at the High School Soccer field which is between Magsig and Cline.

DJ Terrance Dorsey

Greg Fay introduced Terrance Dorsey, a professional DJ who is known as DJ Dors E and is the self-proclaimed #PartyInstigator. He has been a DJ/Entertainer since November 2009. Additionally, Terrance is an entrepreneur in real estate investing. During the day Terrance is a senior analyst at PNC Bank. Terrance is also the CEO of Great Harvest Publishing LLC which offers Project management for clean/Christian entertainment and DJ services for clean entertainment. He and his wife have two children who attend Centerville Schools.

DJ Dors E’s name is an acronym for Doing our Redeemer Service Excellent.

Terrance worked at a prison ministry and it was there that someone told him if you put out the chairs they will come. He said for his DJ business (especially the first 5 years) he put out a lot of chairs and now the customers have come. He is still putting out the chairs.

You can find him on Facebook.

You can sample DJ Dors E work on

Real Estate Investing

Terrance is a real estate investor. He has owned several investment properties and he is building up his wealth using his gains. In 2015 Terrance and his family moved from Trotwood to Centerville. Real estate during COVID has been very good for his investments including the house he purchased in 2015 that he has since sold. Recently, his family moved into a new house that they built in Centerville.

Terrance is continually learning and improving his investing and entertainment skills.

Terrance tried going to school at Sinclair, but it did not work out and he is very happy to not be strapped with student debt. He said that his generation has been told to go to school, get a great job and retire, but that is not how it works anymore. Terrance is building something that will last for generations, which is something he was never taught.

How he became a DJ

Terrance said he became a DJ by accident. In 2009 at the age of 28, Terrance had his first gig. Initially he did weddings and after 5 years of smaller gigs, he had an opportunity to work at a party for a large church and the person in charge did not accept his first invoice and told him he needed to charge a lot more. This party exposed his services to a lot more people and eventually it led to opportunities with corporate clients. His customers are willing to pay his rates because he works hard at giving his clients’ guests a great time. He does not overcharge. He has learned what a reasonable charge is for the service he is providing.

DJ Dors E clients have included PNC Bank, Wright Patt Credit Union, Real Estate Firms, Care Source and various large churches. He creates play lists monthly for several gyms, who use them for hour long workouts at the gym.

Terrance is close to making enough off being a DJ to not have a day job. He likes his job at PNC and when COVID hit, his entertainment opportunities were lower for a while.

Terrance has been a musical group manager and he liked it except for the travel required that took him away from his family.

A DJs Job

Great DJs do not allow their audience to change what is played with random requests. When you hire a DJ it is their job to get a party going within a few minutes. Playlists must be crafted in a way to keep the flow going. Some songs just cannot be played back-to-back or the whole vibe will come down. DJ Dors E gets his audiences to get up and dance!

Remember that DJ Dors E is the #PartyInstigator!

Thank You Terrance Dorsey

Thank you, DJ Dors E, for speaking at tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting and telling the story of your entertainment career, your real estate career and your day job!

About CNO 2.0

Greg Fay, the chair of CNO 2.0, said he was so thankful for all the guests and members that came to tonight’s meeting.

Greg Fay said that CNO 2.0 is a club within a club of the Centerville Noon Optimist club. CNO (and CNO 2.0) is a world class service organization. Being a member of either club allows their members all the same opportunities to participate in fundraising and club activities.

Annual Fundraisers

  • Christmas Tree Lot
  • Avenue of Flags
  • Golf Outing

Major Activities for the youth in our community

  • Build-a-Bear at Children’s Hospital, 3 times a year
  • Fishing Derby in June
  • Kid’s day in the park in August
  • Easter Egg Hunt