Noon Meeting News – February 20, 2018 – Gary Minyard – Victoria Theatre Association

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father You know we in Optimist are dedicated to bringing out thebest in kids. What is happening in our society today that causes the killingsof so many of our youths in schools. If ever we need divine intervention, it
is now! Infuse us with Your love to find the answer to those who take up a gun to solve their problems. Anger toward those who miss behave only deepens their anger. Lincoln said,” when I makes friends with my enemy have I not defeated him.” As a friend to youth, helps us extend that motto to include all young people and help us seek out those who really need a friend. Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Pam McGill The Green Club
Gary Minyard Speaker
Pat Neer South Metro Club
Brian Nolan Beth Duncan
Amy Wang Patrick Arehart

Intense Auction

Fred Polizzi today generously offered for auction 2 tickets for very nice seats and a parking pass to the UD Flyer basketball game this evening. An exciting and tense auction ensued. Larry Lynde ran the auction. Larry was almost able to get the auction back up to his opening bid suggestion of $50. Brian Nolan won the auction after an edge of your seat moment when he went all the way up to $45 for the ticket package.

Today’s Speaker

Mike Bevis introduced today’s speaker, Gary Minyard, the vice-president of Education and Engagement at Victoria Theatre Association (VTA). They have many kid focused programs at the VTA.

The Discovery Series, started in 1991, has had over 1 million participants so far. Around 27,000 kids experience the series annually.

VTA is currently building an Art Annex with 250 seats to allow even more opportunities for children.

VTA has started special sensory-friendly presentations. These are geared for kids that are on the autism spectrum and their families. This provides a safe, judgement-free zone for these children and their families to enjoy shows they would have stayed away from in the past. What a wonderful thing to do for these children and families. There was one show last year, 2 this year, and Gary is hoping to have 3 next year. The first show last year was “The Cat and the Hat”. Victoria Theater expected around 100 people and instead about 500 came. Future shows are “Go Dog Go” and “Journey to Oz” which will feature audience participation.

Other programs include:

  • Camps and Theater Intensives (a recent camp affiliated with the show Circus 1903 featured students in front of the Schuster utilizing 180 cans of shaving cream to throw pies in the face.)
  • National Geographic Live show coming up is astronaut Terry Virts in “View From Above” (he has taken more photos from space than any astronaut before him) and Mireya Mayor brought her show “Pink Boots and a Machete” in January 2018. She has been nominated for an Emmy Award twice.

Schools are encouraged to send kids to these shows. Gary asks parents to push administrators to have more trips like this. High schools have a hard time letting kids leave the school grounds and need a push (he said it is much easier for kindergarten students to get permission.) The limit in ticket price is $5.00 to keep it affordable. Through these performances over 30,000 kids get involved each year and with participation outside these special showings, about 40,000 youth see a show produced by VTA each year.

A Teen Usher or Ambassador program is offered for high school youth. Last year 75 students applied and 50 were accepted. As ushers these students shadow other employees and as Ambassadors they get to experience many of the behind-the-scene activities that are necessary to make VTA shows happen.

Happy Birthday Performance Review

Led by Charlies Tapp, we sang our traditional specialized version of Happy Birthday today for Stan Fronzaglia.

Mr. Minyard said we will not be receiving any call backs based on our performance. Not for any current or future performances at VTA.

We must be OPTIMISTIC and keep practicing and find some other critics to review us.


Member Birthday
Julie Walling Noeth February 20
Stanley Fronzaglia February 20
Michael Bevis February 21
John Thompson February 24
Blanca Ortiz February 26
John Sherman February 26
Pat Behn February 26

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
David Gaines February 20 02/20/2013 5
Russell Hulbert February 20 02/20/2013 5
Robert Collins February 21 02/21/2014 4
Erin Belangia-Sanchez February 23 02/23/2006 12
Chris Ziehler February 26 02/26/2017 1
Chris Ziehler February 26 02/26/2017 1

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Brian Nolan Beth Duncan Induction

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Jay McAlpine Poor parenting; his son Chris lost the bell and gavel
Chris McAlpine Did not wear Optimist pin when photographed for article in Dayton Business Journal
Jean Pummill Left Bag at previous meeting
Phather Phil Left Mug at previous meeting
Carol Burkman Lost earring at Optimist 2.0
Bob Duffy Sat at birthday table when it was not his birthday
Myron Rheaume Sat at birthday table when it was not his birthday
Dan Beck Cell phone use during a meeting
Art Hung Late
Scott Langer Late
Jerry Stahley For not greeting his guest upon her arrival

Happy Bucks!

No time for Happy Bucks this week.