CNOtes are blog articles about weekly Tuesday noon lunch meetings and monthly CNO 2.0 evening meetings.

Jeff Sorrell – Dayton Life Enrichment Center

The Life Enrichment Center (LEC) serves lots of people – from the homeless to those with fixed incomes and everything in between. There are 5 paid staff members and a group of 60 volunteers that keep it running. Their goal for incoming clients is to help them navigate through LEC and until eventually they no longer need the facility. The homeless can receive showers, mailboxes, clothing, and access to a salon.

Dr. Greg Ramey – Dayton Children’s and Major Gifts Presented to The Library and Park District

One in three kids has a major mental health problem at some point in their childhood. We need to do more earlier for mental health to help raise kids into adults that are caring and moral. Over the past 25 years there has been a 33% increase in issues caused by the need for perfection as a child. This shows up as anxiety, depression, or suicide attempts. There has been an additional noticeable rise in issues related to social media. Children’s hospital now will have 3 psychologists and 13 psychiatrists to help kids. In a year Children’s will open up a new 24 bed crisis center.

Brent Ullery – CHS Football Coach

Coach Ullery thanks the Optimist Club for their support of CHS and specifically that recent large donation the club made to fund the purchase of football helmets for the CHS football players that have impact sensors. The state-of-the-art helmets help protect the health of our kids by alerting coaches when a hit occurs that may require that concussion protocol be followed to protect the student.

Lisa Hanson – Culture Works

Culture Works was formed by combining 3 organizations in 1994, the oldest of which started over 40 years ago. “Art belongs to the community,” Lisa explained. The arts are not just for enjoyment, but has a huge economic impact on the Dayton area. In our area the yearly economic activity generated is over 214 million and affects the income of over 8000 people in the arts.

Judge Erik Blaine

Judge Blaine is a part of a group of volunteer lawyers that provides “Wills for Heroes” and “Will for Veterans.” Members of both of these groups often do not have the means to provide proper estate planning for families. Since his involvement which began in 2008, over 1250 first responders and veterans have been helped.

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