New Centerville Noon Optimist members being sworn into the club

2021-22 Officer Installation and Awards Presentation Dinner

Officer Installation and Awards Program for 2021-2022

On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, there was no lunch meeting. Instead, we had a wonderful evening of feast and fellowship at Yankee Trace. This was a great night to celebrate the past year and to look forward to the next year. This is the end of the Centerville Noon Optimist Presidential year for Debe Dockins. New board members and vice-presidents were installed for 2021-2022. Gary Hansen, CNO president for 2021-2022, was out of town at a funeral and he was installed as president on 10/5/2021 at the lunch meeting. Gary Hansen is the 54th CNO President.

The social committee, co-chaired by Sue Jessee and Sarah Umbreit, put on a great party. The centerpieces looked fantastic. Six lucky attendees found a winning ticket under the seat at the end of the evening and were able to take a centerpiece home.

We started with drinks and appetizers, followed by a buffet. The food was great.

Just like a lunch meeting, we started with a prayer by Phather Phil and proudly recited The Pledge of Allegiance.

Thanks to Gary Smiga, the master of ceremonies for the evening. He did a fantastic job and kept us entertained.

For being president, Debe Dockins received from CNO her Past President pin, a Lifetime OI Membership and pin, and a gavel plaque recognizing her year as CNO president.

Optimist Vs Pessimist, Poem by Unknown read by Gary Smiga

How foolish is the pessimist?
Despondent and forlorn,
Who always when he gets a rose?
Goes hunting for a thorn.

The Optimist has better sense:
The charm of life he knows.
He doesn’t mind a scratch or two
If he can get the rose.

So don’t be a pessimist
Bogged down with discontent:
The Optimist has heaps of fun
That doesn’t cost a cent.


Gary noted that he thought it was appropriate to have a poem written by an unknown artist since President Debe Dockins is a librarian.

Officers of CNO 2021-2022

  • President, Gary Hansen
  • Vice President, Greg Wasmund
  • Vice President, Sarah Umbreit
  • Secretary, Jean Pummill
  • Treasurer, Roland Rapp
  • President-Elect, Beth Duncan
  • Immediate Past President, Debe Dockins
  • Past President’s Representative, Chris McAlpine

Newly Elected to the Board of Directors with a Two-Year Term, 2021-2023

  • Diane Arehart
  • Brandon Barrett
  • Katie Calloway
  • Bob Glavin
  • Evelyn Griffin

Continuing Board of Directors with One Year Left, 2021-2022

  • Patrick Arehart
  • Christine Balsan
  • Pat Behn
  • Jim Long
  • Brian Nolan

Officer Installation and Oath

Greg Griffin and Pat Behn swore in the new Club Officers and Board of Directors.

I hereby solemnly promise on my honor as an Optimist that I will carry out the duties of the office to which I have been elected to the best of my ability, in loyalty to my Club, and in harmony with the Bylaws of my Club and Optimist International. So help me God.

Passing of the Gavel

After the new board members were sworn in there was the traditional passing of the gavel. Gary Smiga brought up all the previous presidents to form a line at the front of the room in the order they served as CNO president.

The presidents who were here tonight were:

  • Will Cale
  • Joe Madden
  • Don Kelley
  • Gary Smiga
  • Gary Aiken (represented by Gail Aiken)
  • Brian Nicholas
  • Margaret Barclay (represented by Roy Barclay)
  • Jerry Stahley
  • Stan Fronzaglia
  • Mike Wall
  • Tom Novak
  • Nancy Lehren
  • Mike Bevis
  • Kelly Stone
  • Pat Behn
  • Bob Burkman
  • Myron Rheaume
  • Donna Huss
  • Greg Griffin
  • Debe Dockins
  • Gary Hansen (represented by Katie Calloway)

For a complete list of past presidents refer to your Club Handbook.

CNO Rookie of the Year

The 2020-2021 Rookie of the Year was awarded to Julie Rado. Julie hit the ground running when she became a member in March, 2021. She was integral in making the 1st Annual Centerville/Washington Township Got Talent contest a success.

Debe Dockins, President’s Thank You Gifts

President Debe Dockins handed out gifts to several members with the assistance of Pat Behn. The gifts were given in random order. As Debe handed the gifts she announced some reasons why the gifts were being given to the member. Not all the reasons were captured, and I apologize for leaving anything off.

  • Bob Collins, Club Photographer
  • Roberta Taylor, Memorial scholarship and volunteers for all kinds of things
  • Will Cale, being an inspiration, having a scholarship named after him
  • Myron Rheaume, club builder of excellence
  • Vince Reidy, Board Member, very integral to the golf outing
  • Don Kelley, sergeant at arms
  • Val Huff, Golf Outing among other things
  • Tom Novak, Avenue of Flags
  • Mike Cordonnier, Built the Americana Float which won the President’s Award for Americana 2021; he and his students are building props for fright stations for the Haunted Trail
  • Bob Burkman, Avenue of Flags, Respect for Law
  • Phather Phil, Club Chaplain
  • Sue Brubaker, Birthday Table, Silent Auction for the Golf Outing, Build-a-Bear, Social Committee
  • Gary Aiken, Skilled Trades, Tree Lot
  • Mike Brubaker, Avenue of Flags, Technology Committee
  • Judy DeMarco, Community Champion Award, Silent Auction, Golf Outing
  • Kelly Stone, JOI club advisor, brought UD Optimist Club back to life
  • Christine Balsan, Board Member
  • Joan Cordonnier, Americana 5K
  • Bob Lawson, Fishing Derby, Kids Day in the Park
  • Diane Arehart, Membership Chair, Social Media Co-chair, Build-a-Bear
  • David Ladd, Club Chaplain
  • Carolyn Taylor, Board Member and Speakers Committee
  • Sarah Umbreit, Golf Co-Chair, Social Committee, Build-a-Bear
  • Jerry Stahley, Junior Golf Tournament Chair, District Regional Chair of Oratorial contest, Built the platform for Debe to stand on while behind the lectern
  • Donna Huss, St Leonard, Speakers Committee, Past President
  • Barbara Santo, Birthday Table, Silent Auction for the Golf Outing
  • Sue Jessee, Social Committee, Adopt a Family
  • Gail Aiken, Haunted Trail Chair
  • Julie Rado, CNO Rookie of the Year, Centerville/Washington Township Got Talent
  • Nancy Lehren, Long range planning chair, Childhood Health and Wellness chair (Build-a-Bear), Debe’s Past President’s Representative
  • Roland Rapp, Club Treasurer
  • Beth Duncan, Vice-President, President-Elect
  • Jean Pummill, Club Secretary
  • Mike Bevis, Chair of the Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Golf Classic, Publicity, Sponsored 75 members
  • Gary Smiga, Chair of Memorial Scholarship, Master of Ceremony
  • Evelyn Griffin, Skilled Trad Scholarships, District Activities,
  • Greg Griffin, inspires Debe with his enthusiasm, Easter Egg Hunt, Technology, Runs tech for meetings
  • Patrick Arehart, CNOtes, Technology Committee, Added Donate Now Button to CNO and District Websites, Helped get the club to use Constant Contact
  • Pat Behn, District VP, Board Member
  • Katie Calloway, Social Media Co-chair
  • Brian Nolan, Board Member, CNO 2.0, Kids Day in the Park

Optimists of the Year 2020-2021

It is the job of the previous year’s winner (Mike Brubaker) to announce the current year recipients of the Centerville Noon Optimist Thomas P. Frazier Optimist of the Year Awards.

Mike’s presentation was very interesting. He slowly revealed what the winners had done for the club and the community, so the names remained a mystery until they were announced.

The 2020-2021 winners are Evelyn Griffin and Bob Lawson. They each received a plaque commemorating their award.

Evelyn Griffin

Evelyn Griffin joined CNO on 10/21/2015 and has participated in multiple events, fundraisers and other volunteer activities:

  • Avenue of Flags, paperwork
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Essay Contest
  • Skilled Trades Scholarship Program
  • Photographer
  • Annual Club Handbook
  • Christmas Tree Lot

Bob Lawson

Bob Lawson joined CNO on 2/17/2016 and has participated in multiple events, fundraisers and other volunteer activities:

  • Fishing Derby
  • Kids Day in the Park
  • Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Golf Tournament
  • Avenue of Flags, deliveries and sleeve installations
  • Numerous Announcements at lunches and passing of clipboards
  • Christmas Tree Lot

Closing Video

A great video Greg Griffin put together of the past year can be viewed here.

After the video was complete, we cheerfully recited the Optimist Creed.

Closing Remarks from Gary Smiga

We have had a great night hearing about all the great things we have accomplished.  I leave you with a final thought that it wouldn’t have been possible without each one of you.  Thank you again for your time and commitment that collectively have allowed us to be known as the top performing Optimist Club in all of Optimist International.

The End of One Year and the Beginning of Another

Thanks to President Debe Dockins for all she has done as president in the last year and we look forward to another great year under the leadership of President Gary Hansen, his team and our members!

Link to Pictures Taken This evening

The photos taken by Julie Walling Noeth are here.

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