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Today was the last lunch meeting presided by Debe Dockins. Debe has done a fantastic job as president of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club. She brings a super happy vibe as soon as she literally steps up to start each meeting. Thanks for all your time, efforts, enthusiasm, smiles and gentle nudges each week to settle down, be quiet and listen as the meeting is about to start.


  • Greg Griffin said Debe Dockins has done a great job as CNO president. A large club like CNO needs a great leader. She was a great leader to take us out of COVID.
  • Debe Dockins announced that the next CNO 2.0 meeting will be on 10/21/2021 at 5:30 PM at Bock Family Brewing. The speaker will be Eric Horstman, founder and president of Flying to the Hoop. Last week’s meeting at Tuscany’s Italian Restaurant with DJ Dors E was a great event.
  • Chris McAlpine, chair of Tri-Star Soccer, announced that several volunteers are needed for the October 8 at 6 PM event. Please contact Chris if you can help. It is a fun event for the participants and the volunteers.
  • Jean Pummill announced that if you want to participate in PGI and PDP or want to know your status please contact her.
  • Debe Dockins announced that the Presidents Club of Dayton will recognize Lt. General (retired) Dick Reynolds as its Citizen Legion of Honor Recipient for 2021 at its annual luncheon event at the Dayton Convention Center on Thursday, October 7, 10:30 AM – 1:15 PM. If you would like to sit at the CNO table, please let Debe know.

Community Events                                

  • 10/12/2021 and 10/13/2021, the Haunted Trail event will be held at Countryside Park behind the RecPlex.
  • 10/8/2021, 6 PM, Tri-Star Soccer will be held at the High School Soccer field which is between Magsig and Cline.

Social Event

  • 10/10/2021 at 2 PM there will be a group Corn Maze outing. Valuable prizes will be awarded for the team that finishes the maze puzzle first. Afterwards anyone who wants to can go to dinner at Bennet’s Publical Family Sports Grill in Miamisburg. You can attend just one of the activities or both.

Committee Meetings

  • 10/18/2021, 6 PM, Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

Gail Aiken, Haunted Trail

Debe Dockins introduced the chair of the Haunted Trail event, Gail Aiken. Gail discussed our annual event that will be held on two evenings between 7:30 PM and 9 PM on Tuesday October 12, 2021 and Wednesday October 13, 2021. Several more volunteers are needed both for the evenings of the event and for the day before and the day after for setup and take down. Volunteers are requested to show up at 6:30 PM on the day of the events. Setup and take down times are during the day.

The Haunted Trail is led by Gail Aiken, Denise O’Neil, Larry England and Larry Lynde. A special thanks to Mike Cordonnier and his CHS students who have been building new sets for the fright stations. The fright stations are fun and a little scary that is not meant to be as horrifying as a typical haunted house.

The Haunted Trail community event will be held at Countryside Park behind the RecPlex. It is a 1.2-mile walk. Two volunteer trail guides will accompany each group, one in front and one in back. Trail guides keep groups moving and together as they view the fright stations.

There will be three bonfires to hang out at the end of the trail. Participants can enjoy donut holes and apple ciders.

Middle school and high school students work at the fright stations. The student’s advisors said that the kids are so happy that the event is being held again after being cancelled last year. The event is a rite of passage for these kids. The students also help setup for the event. The dates chosen each year coordinate with Columbus Day, so the kids are not in school the day of setup.

Haunted Trail by the Numbers

  • 1983: 208 people walked the trail in its first year
  • 2013: 442 people walked the trail, 100 food items were donated (first year of request for food donations)
  • 2018: 1510 people walked the trail, 1000 food items donated
  • 2019: 1275 people walked the trail, 1453 food items were donated

Thank you to Business Donors

  • Bills Donuts is donating dozens of donut holes
  • Dorothy Lane Market is donating apple cider
  • Sam’s Club is donating cups for the apple cider
  • Coldwell Banker is donating pumpkins

Volunteers Opportunities

  • Trail Guides
  • People to wear various costumes such as witches, warlocks, the grim reaper, the Gilley suit
  • Chaperones at the fright stations, which does not require much walking; note that there will be 2 sheriffs at the event so if someone gets out of line the Chaperones do not have to handle it themselves
  • People to help the day before and the day after the event for setup, tear down and clean up

Volunteers on event days are asked to be there between 6:30 PM and 9 PM. The event starts at 7:30 PM and ends at 9 PM. Please contact Gail Aiken or Denise O’Neil if you would like to volunteer. They need lots of volunteers for this fun event.

Fright Stations

  1. Zombies
  2. Mad Scientists
  3. Goblin Graveyard
  4. Nursery Nightmare
  5. Witches and Black Cats
  6. Scary School
  7. Spider Tunnel
  8. Werewolves
  9. Death Hospital
  10. Circus of Horror
  11. Radioactive Waste Spill
  12. Execution Inmates
  13. Pirates
  14. Vicious Vampires
  15. Campout Fright

Thank You

Thank you, Gail Aiken, for informing us about the great Haunted Trial event. We really appreciate all the years of hard work you have put in for this great annual community event.

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction  
Dennis Dockins Debe Dockins 1st Reading  
McKenzie Morin Bill Stone 3rd Reading  
Anne Kohls Mike Bevis 3rd Reading  
Jackie Powell Tom Novak 3rd Reading  

Welcome Guests!

GuestGuest Of
Anne KohlsMIke Bevis
Candi SchlamersdorfJulie Noeth
Jackie PowellTom Novak
Tom SimmsBob Collins

Happy Bucks

Debe Dockins$10, Thanks for the great year of being CNO president.
Gail AikenCarol Smerz dressed up as the Grim Reaper greeting members as they arrived today. The sergeants then tried to fine her for arriving late because she had to change.
Julie NoethUniversity of Dayton basketball season is starting.
Don KelleyThe John P. Kalaman Memorial Tournament held last week was a great success. All proceeds go to the John P. Kalaman Scholarship Fund.
Bill Stone$5, Kelly Stone is doing great with the Octagon Optimist Club and UD Club Optimist Club. Officers for both will be installed soon.
Beth DuncanThank you for all the love and condolences for the passing of her father.
Beth DuncanFully recoverd from COVID.
Gary Smiga, Julie NoethDebe Dockins did a great job as presdient of CNO.
Gary SmigaCelebrating 41st wedding anniversary with Pam.
Ron TinnermanBarbara Santo helping the sergeants today.

Sergeants at Arms

Mike Brubaker and Bob BurkmanAn Avenue of Flags metal detecor used by the wrestling team was returned by Chick-file-A in one of their food warming bags.
Judy DeMarco and Sue BrubakerStole a dessert from the birthday table when not their birthday and they should have at least sat at the birthday table.
Steve KohlsDidn’t tell Anne Kohls who just became a member that she was supposed to get her name badge today from the badge boxes.
Gary HansenEarly bird fine for becoming CNO president on 10/1/2021.
Chris McAlpineDidn’t have a clipboard ready today so volunteers could sign up for  Tri-Star soccer.
Gail AikenDidn’t retrieve the scary helping hand.
Gail AikenDidn’t spell check her document for her presentation today on the Haunted Trail.
Gary SmigaWearing a shirt with Washington Township logo.
Jesse GaitherSaid to sergeants, “You guys are lucky I’m here today.”

Membership Anniversaries

MemberMonthDayJoined# Years
Carolyn TaylorSeptember269/26/20183
Dana DringSeptember269/26/20183
Mike CordonnierSeptember269/26/20183
Steve LinderSeptember269/26/20183
Steve RudisillSeptember269/26/20183
Ken IrwinOctober210/2/20129
Larry LarrimerOctober210/2/20129
Rick KempferOctober210/2/20129
Christy GarietyOctober310/3/201110
Sue BrubakerSeptember239/23/200813
Pat BehnSeptember299/29/200318
John PowellSeptember299/29/199922
Stephen WalkerSeptember289/28/199823
Mike WallSeptember269/26/199526
Brooks ComptonSeptember309/30/199427
Denise O’NeilSeptember309/30/199427
Karl FrydrykOctober110/1/198833


Carol SmerzSeptember 22
Harry BosseySeptember 22
Jon WertsSeptember 22
Mark KarnsSeptember 23
Greg SmithSeptember 25
Evelyn GriffinSeptember 26
Diane ArehartSeptember 26
Jeff KujawaSeptember 27
Mike FanelliOctober 1
Roy BarclayOctober 1
Anne KohlsOctober 4

CNO Donations – 2013 through August 2021

Click here to see a summary of donations the club has made since 2013

Thank You Notes Received

No Thank You notes received this week.

Links to PowerPoint and Pictures

A Copy of this Week’s Meeting PowerPoint Slide Deck is here

The photos taken at Today’s Meeting are here.

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