Robotic Surgeon, Christopher Schneider M.D., FACS


  • Nancy Lehren, chair of Childhood Health and Wellness, announced that the committee will meet at Panera on Wilmington at 6 PM on Thursday 1/13/2022. Any member is welcome to this and future meetings.
  • Beth Duncan, chair of the Got Talent Contest, announced their first meeting will be on 1/18/2022 at 5:30 PM at her offices on Congress Park. You can just show up if you want to help.
  • Jesse Gaither announced that the next CNO 2.0 meeting will be January 20, 2022 at Chappy’s. The speaker will be BMAN, a longtime radio personality at 104.7 WTUE. There are 4 new committee members and they are working on making CNO 2.0 exciting again.
  • Bob Lawson announced that the deadline is the end of January to get your event announced in the Park District Newsletter.

Social Event

Debe Dockins announced that a euchre party is planned for February.

Happy Birthday Jesse Gaither

Today was Jesse Gaither’s Birthday. That meant we unleashed Charlie Tapp as master music director on the gatherers at lunch today. He warmed up the 55-person choir, but it didn’t help. We sounded horrible, but that is HOW WE LIKE IT!!! Have a great year Jesse!

Chris Schneider M.D., Robotic Surgeon

Amy Barker introduced Christopher Schneider, M.D., FACS, a general and trauma surgeon with Wright State Physicians. Dr. Schneider’s specialties include robotic and laparoscopic surgery, simple and complex hernia repair, colon and rectal surgery, hiatal/paraesophageal hernia repair, anti-reflux surgery and surgery of the stomach, gallbladder and foregut.

Dr. Schneider was just recently recognized as a “Dayton’s Best Doctor” for 2021 by Dayton Magazine. He has a five-star MedStatix patient review rating.

Dr. Schneider grew up in Dayton and lives in the area with wife his Katie and his two children. He is active with the Dayton Foundation, helping grow the Daryl Jones Memorial Scholarship for the late soccer coach at Carroll High School.

Dr. Schneider’s medical degree is from the University of Cincinnati and he completed residency in general surgery at Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center, South Carolina.

Dr. Schneider is currently accepting new patients. He sees patients in Dayton, Centerville and Fairborn.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery can be described as Robot-Assisted surgery. The robot is under the control of the surgeon for the whole surgery.

In 1924 Gynecologists were the first doctors to pioneer minimally invasive surgeries using an optical scope. In 1982 they added solid-state (or chip) video cameras.

The first minimally invasive procedures just used straight sticks. With robotic controls the ends of the sticks have devices that mimic two fingers and can cauterize.

For the surgeon, surgery is ergonomically overall better and allows for longer procedures with less fatigue. Robotic surgeries cause less pain and have better outcomes for the patient.

Robotically assisted surgery overcame the limitations of pre-existing minimally invasive surgical procedures. Instead of directly moving the ends of the instruments, the surgeon uses controls with their hands and feet that guides the machine to move inside the body. The controls can be fine-tuned to adjust how much the device moves when the doctor moves. The controls do not yet have haptic feedback, but they are working on it.

The initially learning curve to operate the controls is very quick. The entire training takes a little while because how surgeries are done is different than open surgeries.

There are 3 cameras inside the body while the surgery is done and the surgeon gets a 3D view. Typically, there are 4 small incisions that are less than 5mm in size.

Because the surgeries have a lot less risk of infections and of long-lasting pain surgeons now fix issues that many people chose to treat with medication. For example, they can fix many heartburn issues that used to require a long incision. After robotic surgery patients might even go home the same day and almost always by the next day.

Thank You

Thank you, Christopher Schneider M.D., FACS, for educating us today about how much you and robotic surgery are helping others have better outcomes and less pain after surgeries.

New Member Readings and Inductions

NameSponsor1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Bob MyersGary Hansen1st Reading
Mike CreechGary Hansen1st Reading
Karen Gray MyersGary Hansen1st Reading
Cindy GabouryJulie Noeth1st Reading

Welcome Guests!

GuestGuest Of
Bob MyersGary Hansen
Dr. Chris SchneiderSpeaker
Jeffery PowellJackie Powell
Luke BarhorstArt Hung
Mike CreechGary Hansen

Happy Bucks

Nancy LehrenGeorgia Bulldogs won the College Football Championship game
Art HungLoves being chair of the Sunshine committee and spreading sunshine to members who can use it
Ellie ParkerHappy the prize money for the photography contest she and Roberta Taylor are chairing  was approved by the board
Jesse GaitherHappy to be blessed with his life and another birthday
Louise HaunSon is running the Boston marathon in April 2022
Jim MoganHe and his wife Mary Lynn are celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary
Gary HansenHappy he was not fined today – he has been fined every week as president!

Sergeants at Arms

Everyone that did not buy a 50/50 ticket todayNot buying a 50/50 raffle ticket
Charlie TappBrining Larry England into the football pool who then won the pool
Don Kelley, Don MassieTook two pieces of candy off the table the name badges were on
Stan FronzagliaNot properly training the member you sponsored on how to retrieve their badge
Greg GriffinSpelling a guest name incorrectly even after the name was spelled for him
Kelly StoneLate to meeting

Membership Anniversaries

Emily DukeJanuary 16, 20193
Candace RinkeJanuary 16, 20193
Susan ThomsenJanuary 14, 199725


Bill WilliamsJanuary 11
Jesse GaitherJanuary 11
Candace RinkeJanuary 11
Rob JonesJanuary 13
Bob DuffyJanuary 15
Barbara SantoJanuary 17

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