CNO Member Charlie Goodwin’s Safari Adventures


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Happy Birthday Don Kelley

Today was Don Kelley’s birthday. Our choir was led by Bob Duffy. It was amazingly bad. Not one note was correct from anyone! Have a great year Don!

Charles Goodwin, South Africa and Zimbabwe Safari 2018

Gary Hansen introduced CNO member Charles Goodwin M.D., a retired pediatric surgeon that worked at Dayton Children’s Medical Center for 38 years. He was Scoutmaster for troop 236 for 35 years and during his tenure more than 317 young men earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He is not aware of any Scoutmaster who has had more than 300 Eagle Scouts. His scouts call him Doc and his friends call him Charlie.

Charlie used to tell his scouts that he cuts up small children for a living. He says this helped the scouts to pay attention.

Charlie has been to six of the seven continents and Africa is his favorite continent to visit. He has walked among lions and cheetahs at Victoria Falls.

It is highly recommended that you view the slide deck here to see over 100 fantastic pictures of Charlie’s trip.

Safari Presentation

The safari “Big Five” animals to see are the Elephant, Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. The “Big Seven” adds the Giraffe and Cheetah. Charlie has all of these mammals multiple times.

Fences are put up around many areas of Africa not to contain the animals but to keep poachers out. Elephant tusks and Rhino “horn” are highly valuable on the black market. Stopping poachers is a high priority in Africa and there are motorcycle patrols who will shoot poachers on sight.

About Some of the Animals

Charlie said he was very fortunate to get to see leopards. They are nocturnal. Once, during the daytime, they just happened to spot a group of them up in a tree.

When walking with lions, he had to carry a stick. The lions are trained to know if you have a stick you are in charge.

The white rhinoceros has a wide snout whereas the black rhinoceros has a narrow snout. The name “white rhinoceros” has nothing to do with the color white.  The word “wide” got changed to white in the translation from the Afrikaans language.  The white rhinos eat grass whereas the black rhinos tend to eat leaves and sticks.  You can often hear them crunching on the twigs.

The hippopotamus lives in the water.  Their skin is very sensitive to the sun.  They cannot swim but can move very quickly by leaping off the bottom.  When Charlie and his group were rafting on the Zambesi River, one was at least 100 feet away and with several leaps was within about 35 feet. They had to paddle fast to get to safety. Charlie said, “It is amazing how fast an old man can paddle!”

These are the animals he mentioned seeing. It is possible he saw additional ones not listed here.

  • Buffalos
  • Elephants (they are very matriarchal and look after their young)
  • Lions
  • Cheetahs (they can run up to 60 mph and are the fastest mammal)
  • Giraffes
  • Zebras
  • Wildebeests (stripes on the hump)
  • Impalas (they have an M design on their back sides)
  • Nyalas
  • Kudus
  • Spring Buck
  • Water Buck
  • Wart Hogs (they are everywhere, and they taste good)
  • Monkeys
  • Baboons (they are everywhere and a menace)
  • Painted Dogs
  • Weaver Bird (they weave their nests and always build them on the west side of a tree)
  • Crocodiles
  • Penguins (babies are brown and parents are very protective of their young; one set stayed with the dead body of their offspring for several weeks)
  • Seals
  • Ostrich
  • Helmeted Guineafowls (looks a little like a peacock)
  • Dassie Rats

The African Tattoo

Charlie said, “I was at an animal area near Johannesburg where you can play with two- and three-month old baby lions. One was playing around and teething on my left forearm. When I lifted up my arm, there was a baby lion hanging by his teeth. It didn’t really hurt but was fairly bloody. I had to get a bottle of peroxide to clean the blood off my clothes. There are still three tooth marks. The Africans told me this is known as an African tattoo.”

Charlie Goodwin is a Good Singer!

After Charlie was done showing us the pictures, he sang Louis Armstrong’s, “What a Wonderful World.” Charlie was accompanied by his singing frog. It was fantastic!

Q and A

Q. What is the most dangerous animal you have encountered?

A. Hippos can really move fast when they want. As mentioned earlier, we paddled as fast as we could to get away from one on the Zambesi River.

Q. Have you made other trips to Africa?

A. I have been to South Africa and Zimbabwe twice and Gabon three times. I trained doctors there. They do very sophisticated surgeries, but their labs are very limited. The doctors trained are now training other doctors.

Q. What is on your travel bucket list?

A. I’m going back to Africa in October 2022. I would like to go to Iceland and want to go to Australia again. I’ve not been to Antarctica and being from Alabama, Antarctica sounds awful cold, but I am considering it.

Thank You

Thank you, Charlie for showing your great pictures. You were funny and very entertaining, the pictures were great, and you can sing!

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