Oratorical Contest – First Week

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Phather Phil did not provide a copy of his prayer this week – why not join us for lunch and hear him read it in person!

Today’s Guests – WELCOME!

Guest Guest Of
Ashley McGuire Brandon Barrett
Molly Troller Mike Bevis

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Committee Meetings

2/13/2020, 6:30 PM, Childhood Health and Wellness, Panera – downtown Centerville.

2/12/2020, 6 PM, Golf Committee at Buckeye Home Health Care on Paragon Rd. Future 2020 meetings will be 3/18, 4/15, 5/13, 6/17, and 7/8.

Social Events

2/22/2020 at 6 PM, Euchre tournament, place to be determined

3/14/2020 at 6 PM, Wine and Beer Tasting at the home of Patrick and Diane Arehart

4/24/2020, Hunchback of Notre Dame play at CHS followed by dinner at Old Scratch Pizza. Times will be provided later.

5/2/2020 at 4 PM, Kentucky Derby Party at Remodeling Designs

CNO 2.0 Meeting

2/20/2020 at 5:30 PM, CNO 2.0 meeting at Zinks Meats & Fine Wines in Centerville

Margaret Barclay Memorial 2020 Optimist Oratorical Contest – Day 1

Liz Fultz, the chair of the Margaret Barclay Memorial Oratorical contest, introduced the participating students and described this annual event. This is the 4th year for Liz to chair this event. Liz thanked her judges Debe Dockins, David Ladd, and Kelly George. Thanks to Diane Arehart for being the timer.

Details about the contest for participants.

View flyer about the contest.

Contestants deliver a four to five-minute speech.  One winner from each contest advances to the zone competition and then can advance to the finals at the district level.  Districts have the opportunity to provide a first-place scholarship of $2,500, a second-place scholarship of $1,500, and a third-place scholarship of $1,000.

From Liz Fultz:

Tuesday, February 4th was the first of two Oratorical Contests.  Since it was established in 1928, the Oratorical Contest has become the longest-running program sponsored by Optimists International.  Our contest is done in collaboration with the Centerville Evening and South Metro Optimist clubs and is named in honor of former Centerville Noon Optimist member Margaret Barclay.   Margaret chaired the Oratorical committee for many years.  She cared deeply about bringing out the best in kids and in living the Optimist Creed.  She was a most beloved member of our club, a past president and lived a life dedicated to helping others.

The prompt for today’s speeches is, “Just iMagine a World Without Boundaries”.

Contestants went in random order and referred to by letter only until the winner was chosen. All three participants today were female. We were instructed to not applaud until the end.

Caitie B. (Speaker A)

Excerpts of ideas from her speech follow:

There are boundaries in life. Because of physical needs there are boundaries that require that you will need to work and pay taxes. If you walk down a street you will see different nationalities and religions. Not everyone is the same, but we can get along. Boundaries can cause hatred. Humans are so greedy and get pulled into war after war. Humans want so much, yet 1.6 billion are homeless. There are more problems than can be listed. It is a cry for help.

By speaking today, Caitie hopes to repair what is broken and fix this mess by showing more kindness for everyone. All the help the Miami Valley received from its own community and from others during the 2019 tornadoes and the Oregon District mass shooting proved that boundaries can be overcome.

Please, imagine a world without boundaries and make that our reality.

Sara M. (Speaker B)

Excerpts of ideas from her speech follow:

Lack of boundaries causes lack of respect. We need physical boundaries such as the boundary between a mountain and the ground. They are in place to bring beauty to the world and peace between nations. Natural boundaries like rivers and mountains naturally separate nations and states. Boundary rules are important. Without them the world would not be safe.

Rules exist for a reason. If no one had to work, then no one would. We also need simple rules like don’t touch the art in a museum.

There are personal and mental boundaries, like people fear what is dangerous. This is a good thing. Punishments help prevent crime. A large amount of unbearable stress is bad, but a small amount boosts productivity. A healthy amount of insecurity helps to motivate one to work and to be their best self.

A world without boundaries would not be a positive world. It would be a world without respect for other’s property.

Makayla P. (Speaker C)

Excerpts of ideas from her speech follow:

In a world without boundaries, fear would have no relevance. There would be less apprehension. Fear is a giant boulder blocking your way. Without boundaries, basic necessities such as food, water, shelter and clothing would all be free.

In a perfect world everyone would have a 12th grade education. People would suffer less and provide for themselves and improve the quality of life for all mankind.


All three ladies showed courage and poise as they spoke to the crowd. The judges had a really difficult time choosing the winner. Makayla P. took first place and will advance to the Zone Competition on March 11, 2020 at Woodbourne Library. You are welcome to go see her at the next round of the Oratorical contest at the library in a few weeks.

Event Supporter Roy Barclay

Margaret’s husband Roy Barclay is a big supporter of this event. He has been a member of CNO since July 1986. He personally supports the contest by making an annual donation. Thank you, Roy, for your ongoing contributions and support of this contest. Roy was out of town today, so Jerry Stahley said a few words on his behalf. Roy appreciates the honor each year of this event honoring the memory of his wife Margaret Barclay.

Thank you to those who support our contest

  • Jesse Gaither from Minute Man Press for printing the flyer on the tables.
  • Centerville middle school principals: Brian Miller, Stacey Westendorf, and Clint Freese, for allowing us to talk with the kids during their advisory.
  • Thomas Razaukas, a teacher at Incarnation without whom this contest would not be possible.

Thank You Notes sent to CNO

You can read recent thank you notes here.

CNO Donations 2013 through September 2019

Click this link to see a summary of the donations our club has made.

Over 50 years, we have donated close to $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $700,000.


Member Birthday
Wasfi Samaan February 4
Greg Crabtree February 5
Shelby DiPasquale February 6
Mariah Vogelgesang February 8
Don Kelley February 8
Michelle Tagliamonte February 9

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Member Month Day Joined # Years
Renee Glenn February 5 2/5/2014 6
Ellie Parker February 8 2/8/2011 9

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Bill Shisler Bill Stone 3rd Reading
Julie Shisler Joan Cordonnier 3rd Reading
Michael Kistler Dave Kay Induction
Kate Trangenstein Jesse Lightle 3rd Reading

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