CNOtes – August 13, 2019 – TEDxDayton

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father prayer is a simple way to unlock the door to visit You.
We have so many questions we will never know the answer. Why are
we Optimists? Why us and not our neighbors? Was it in our genes or
did You do Your magic just for us? We could go on and on and be no
closer to an answer so let us just be thankful. This is an exercise we
should do every morning, but be careful. It is said that exercise
makes us look better naked, but so does wine. You better help us
with our choices Lord! Amen!

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Diane Farrell Speaker
Ron Rollins Speaker
Alex Simon Bob Duffy
Ralph Young Charlie Tapp

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Upcoming Social Events

  • 9/24/2019 – 6 PM, Tuesday, Presidential Installation Dinner at the Presidential Banquet Center
  • 10/10/2019 – ALL DAY, Keeneland Horse Racing, there will be a chartered bus
  • 11/8/2019 – 6 PM, Friday, Euchre party at TBD
  • 12/10/2019 – 6 PM, Tuesday, Holiday Party at Yankee Trace

Committee Announcements

Gary Smiga announced there will be two openings for the finance committee. Contact the new chair, Roland Rapp, if interested.

Don Wildenhaus announced that TOP Soccer registration will be August 18, 2019 at 3:00. They need volunteers to help with registration and handing out t-shirts. Centerville Noon Optimist club has been a sponsor for this program for several years. Players and coaches can sign up here.

Chris McAlpine announced that Tri-Star Soccer will be held early evening on Friday September 6, 2019. Volunteers are needed to host this fun, annual event.

Beth Duncan recapped the Monte Carlo Night held on August 10, 2019. The big winner of the night was Dick Stevens. The winner of the raffle was Don Kelley. Everyone had a great time.

Donna Huss recapped the St. Leonard  Boomer Fest booth that CNO hosted on August 10th, 2019. We received contact information from 9 individuals who are interested in joining CNO as part of the Optimist Club at St. Leonard. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to work the booth.

Beth Duncan announced that the Keeneland Horse racing event is coming up. There are still several spots open and it is a blast, so sign up.

Donna Huss announced that Beth is going to remain as social committee chair for the next year.

TEDxDayton Presentation

Don Wildenhaus introduced today’s speakers. They are both founding members of TEDxDayton, formed 7 years ago. TED created TEDx as a program of local, self-organized events that brings people together to share a TED-like experience.

Diane Farrell is the Director of External Relations and Development for the Dayton Metro Library. Previously she was the Vice President of External Relations at the Dayton Society of Natural History.

Ron Rollins is the Content Director of Community Engagement and Associate Editor at the Cox Media Group of Ohio. He oversees the Ideas and Voices pages for The Dayton Daily News, the Springfield News-Sun, the Middletown Journal and the Hamilton Journal-News.

They took turns discussing the slide show they presented.

What are TED talks?

  • TED is a nonprofit group devoted to spreading ideas worth spreading.
  • They are short, powerful talks that are 18 minutes or less. Fellowships are sometimes created if “Big Ted” thinks your idea deserves more than 18 minutes.
  • It is a memorized and rehearsed live talk.
  • TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged.
  • Today TED covers almost all topics – from science to business to global issues.
  • 3100 “talks” exist in more than 100 languages.
  • Most talks from the Dayton group are 10 to 12 minutes long.
  • There are usually 2 global conferences per year; One in the U.S. and another elsewhere in the world.
  • TED groups bring very talented and diverse people together.
  • The subject matter is never religion or politics.
  • TED speakers are not compensated and need to rehearse a lot.

TED Talk playlists are customizable. For example, Diane said she only subscribes to talks under 6 minutes. A lot of people challenge themselves to watch one TED talk per day.

TEDxDayton takes a lot of effort. You must have a license to host TEDx events. The license are good for one year. Only after reviewing your uploaded edited videos of your event may you get renewed for another year. If you stray outside of the rules, they will advise you to follow the rules. You might get renewed if you broke some rules, but they will let you know where you strayed.

A new TEDx event is limited to 100 attendees until a board member attends a global TED conference. TEDxDayton didn’t have this initial limitation because they were able to have attendees at the global conference before their first local conference.

The idea of starting TEDxDayton was created by Marylyn and Larry Klaben, the owners of Morris Home Furnishings, in January 2013.

Each year there are three TEDxDayton groups

  • TEDxDayton Signature
  • TEDxYouth@Dayton
  • TEDXDaytonSalon

When a local TEDX commits to the Salon format, you must commit to having 3 events. Each Salon event focuses on a singular topic. The first year for the Salon event was 2019. Salons are limited to 200 attendees. Unlike typical events, salons allow for follow up questions and answers.

There is an application process for the Signature Event. TEDxDayton gets about 200 applications per year.  They give first preference to speakers with ties to Dayton (i.e. people who work, are educated, or have lived in Dayton). Of the 200 applicants, 50 are invited to the live auditions. Those selected get a Coach/Mentor. It takes a lot of work over several months. Typically, the minimum about of effort is 100 hours.

What makes a good TED Talk?

  • Must be an original idea or concept
  • Must be an idea worth spreading
  • Cannot be commercial or self-promoting
  • Must be humble
  • Must commit at least 100 hours to the process of memorizing, editing, and practicing

Getting involved with TEDxDayton

  • Consider becoming a monetary partner
  • Join an event committee
  • Volunteers for events
  • Become a board member


Member Birthday
Fred Polizzi August 13
Martin Hufstutler August 14
Vince Reidy August 14
Greg Wasmund August 15
Rhonda Meeker August 15
Gail Aiken August 17

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Maha Kashani August 15 8/15/2006 13
Kristen Passidomo August 16 8/16/2017 2

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Chris Smith Greg Griffin Induction
Joe Cantrell Wayne Christie 3rd Reading
Jack Quinlan Gary DeMarco 2nd Reading
Ruthy Quinlan Judy DeMarco 2nd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Charlie Tapp Left part of a bottle of wine at the Monte Carlo night.
Julie Noeth Parallel parking failure at lunch.
Don Kelley For leaving Monte Carlo night early and still winning the raffle.
Chris Smith Late to meeting on his induction day no less!
Brian Nolan Left CNO booth early at the Centerville second Friday Event to do something fun.
Kelly Davis Bringing gambling equipment to today’s meeting.
Beth Duncan Accepting gambling equipment at today’s meeting.

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Myron Rheaume Granddaughter Kira placed 2nd out of 19 teams for creating a complete short film in 72 hours. Also, she is captain of UC Film team and at a recent intercollegiate contest her team placed 4th out of 47 teams.
Don Wildenhaus Celebrating 36th wedding anniversary.
Dick Stevens Great time playing blackjack at the Monte Carlo Night.
Myron Rheaume Four happy bucks for 54th wedding anniversary.
Sue Brubaker Ben Arehart for being a funny and great Black Jack dealer at the Monte Carlo night. His parents are Diane and Patrick.
Laura Caschera For Wendy Hattan for selling her house in one day.